The Battle of Rondac III marked the inauguration of the Cardassian resistance against the Dominion in 2375 and a turning point in the Dominion War.


When the Dominion brought the Breen into the Dominion, Legate Corat Damar--the figurehead ruler of the Cardassian Union--reached the end of his tolerance for the Dominion. He surreptitiously detached elements of the First, Third, and Ninth Order to form a strike force to assault the Dominion-held planet of Rondac III.

Among these ships were the CUW Trager, a Galor-class warship commanded by Akellen Macet, and at least one Hideki-class fast-attack ship. (Demons of Air and Darkness, Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order)

The battleEdit

The resistance group encountered forces that included Breen warships equipped with the energy-dissipating weapon that had so effectively driven Federation and Romulan forces from the battlefield. The weapon proved a formidable challenge to the resistance commanders, who were often forced to rely on their helm officers to evade the weapon's discharge rather than turn and directly confront their attackers. The Cardassian rebels did score at least one successful ship-to-ship kill against the Breen--however, this was accomplished by aHideki pilot's desperate kamikaze maneuver. (The Thirteenth Order)

Though Legate Damar's objective was to take the entire planet, the Cardassian rebels lost nearly half their forces in the assault. Still, the Dominion cloning facility located on the planet was destroyed, ending the Vorta capacity for resurrection. This meant that from this point forward, the experience and expertise of any Vorta killed in the Alpha Quadrant was permanently lost to the Dominion. (DS9: "The Changing Face of Evil")

At least one rebel ship escaped the battlefield--Macet's Galor, which had sustained serious damage and lost a full tenth of its crew. Interestingly, the Trager was able to dock at the Lessek shipyard for repairs--a station with a Dominion presence. This suggests the Cardassian rebels had taken measures to obscure the identities of their vessels from Dominion forces. (The Thirteenth Order)


The battle also established the Cardassian resistance as a force to be reckoned with--all the more critical in a time when the introduction of the Breen energy dissipater had knocked all but the Klingons out of the fight on the allied side. At least one ship that participated in the Rondac strike--the Trager, would continue on to become part of an autonomous resistance force, the Thirteenth Order. (DS9: "The Changing Face of Evil", Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order)

Damar's Resistance MessageEdit

"The loss at Septimus III of the Eleventh Order is a ghastly affront to the Cardassian people. We were permitted exactly three ships to defend against the entire Klingon fleet and not a one from our glorious allies though they made me promise after promise as the situation unfolded. And this is the role they’ve scripted for us! No longer, Macet. I will stand for it no longer. Knowing your thought and temperament, I would not be surprised to find out you are ahead of me on this, but though I am a latecomer to say the least, I am here now and would ask that we stand together."
— Excerpts from Damar's pre-battle letter to Akellen Macet. (The Thirteenth Order)
"...and so two years ago, our government signed a treaty with the Dominion. In it the Dominion promised to extend Cardassia's influence throughout the Alpha Quadrant. In exchange, we pledged ourselves to join the war against the Federation and its allies. Cardassians have never been afraid of war, a fact we've proven time and again over these past two years. Seven million of our brave soldiers have given their lives to fulfill our part of the agreement, and what has the Dominion done in return? Nothing. We've gained no new territories. In fact, our influence throughout the quadrant has diminished. And to make matters worse we are no longer masters in our own home. Travel anywhere on Cardassia and what do you find? Jem'Hadar, Vorta, and now Breen. Instead of the invaders we have become the invaded. Our allies have conquered us without firing a single shot. Well, no longer. This morning detachments of the Cardassian First, Third and Ninth Orders attacked the Dominion outpost on Rondac III. This assault marks the first step towards the liberation of our homeland, from the true oppressors of the Alpha Quadrant. I call upon Cardassians everywhere. Resist. Resist today. Resist tomorrow. Resist till the last Dominion soldier has been driven from our soil!"
— Damar's speech to the Cardassian people following the Battle of Rondac III (DS9: "The Changing Face of Evil")
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