Battle of Sector 2148
Part of Earth-Romulan War
Date: 2159
Location: Planetary System of Sector 2148
Result: United Earth victory
United Earth Romulan Star Empire
Jonathan Archer
Eleven Starships
1,800 MACO soldiers (12 Planetary Contingents)
Eight Starships
1,500 Romulan Marines (30 Vermocks)
307 MACO soldiers
Three starships.
1,033 Vermock Soldiers
Seven starships (Including the Sela).
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Battle of Cheron

The Battle of Sector 2148 was one of the most intense and hard fought surface-to-space battles of the Earth-Romulan War, which involved Earth Starfleet forces against the Romulan Navy in the skies, and Earth's MACO forces opposing Romulan ground troops across six different worlds. It's size and dual-level of involvement is second only to the fight that ended the war, the Battle of Cheron. (Star Trek: Poseidon - The Birth of the Federation)

Battle for the SectorEdit

In mid 2159, Earth Intelligence Units learned of an unexplored sector 27 lightyears from Earth. Allegedly, this was going to be a staging ground for a Romulan invasion of Sector 001. When enough intelligence was gathered about troop strongholds, mining operations, and hidden stardocks, Earth launched a surprise attack, deploying 12 MACO Planetary Contingents on the ground of six different worlds.

In space, Starfleet forces were led by Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of Enterprise (NX-01), in addition to many other starships of varying classes. While Starfleet forces were in space fighting off Romulan Birds-of-Prey to drive back their stronghold in the region, the MACO forces were able to take four out of the six planets in the system from the Romulan ground troops.


The remaining two planets that could not be taken by the MACOs were dealt with in a highly aggressive manner. The able and surviving MACOs evacuated the surfaces of the planets, as the Columbia (NX-02) led three other ships in planetary bombardment operations with mid-range nuclear warheads, phase cannons, and photonic torpedoes. This ultimately lead to a narrow Earth victory, which many Federation historians believe set the stage for ultimate victory at the Battle of Cheron.

Personal MemoryEdit

Chris Clow, then a MACO 2nd Lieutenant, was decorated for valor and bravery by saving nine other MACO soldiers from his and other divisions. Unfortunately, Chris' fiancee, MACO Sergeant Amanda Cole, was killed before he could rescue her. Clow received a Medal of Honor as well as a Purple Heart for injuries sustained, but considered those rewards little consolation for the loss of his betrothed.

Clow took a year's leave after the battle before returning to MACO with a promotion to 1st Lieutenant, and being assigned to the NCC-07, Poseidon. A few months after this transfer, he would become the ship's executive officer.

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