Battle of Sybaron
Part of Dominion War
Date: 51827.9 (2374)
Location: Sybaron system
Result: Federation victory
Federation/Klingon Empire Dominion/Cardassian Union
Admiral Arthur Bellamy Umala
98 starships nearly 150 warships
50 unknown
unknown unknown
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Battle of Benzar Liberation of Benzar

The Battle of Sybaron was fought during the Dominion War. The Starfleet Seventh Fleet was a main participant and was reduced to half its strength following the battle. (DS9: "Reckoning")

After the Dominion's capture of Benzar they deployed a strike fleet to outflank several heavily-defended Federation star systems so they could stage an attack on Tellar. Starfleet Command deployed the Seventh Fleet with Klingon reinforcements to intercept the Dominion fleet before it could reach Tellar. The two fleets clashed at the little known Sybaron system.

The Seventh Fleet's commanding officer, Admiral Arthur Bellamy, organised his forces into groups of six to ten ships in a roughly cubical formation with smaller and fast groups of starships deployed to move between the cubes for support.

The Vorta Umala divided his forces up to engaged each of the Starfleet cubes. The cubes held for over an hour before the Dominion forces finally broke one apart. Having opened large gaps in the Starfleet lines the Dominion forces gained the the upper hand and after two additional hours of combat Bellamy was forced to retreat with the 48 surviving vessels to the nearby Dorala system.

The Dominion fleet had won the engagement, but was badly battered and in no shape to attack Tellar. Despite being forced to retreat, Bellamy and the Seventh Fleet had succeeded in their mission and the Battle of Sybaron was ultimately a strategic victory for the Federation. (LUG RPG: The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon)

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