Battle of Velos
Part of Coalition War
Date: 2381-2382
Location: Oralian sector
Result: Coalition victory
Velosian Defense Command So'ja Coalition
Commandant Gris Bane Admiral Ru'siy
59 vessels of the Defense fleet 50 Revenge-class Battleship, 25 Destroyers, 20 Warships, 4 Fighter wings, 1 Mass Driver, 5 Legions
50 vessels none
50 starship crew, one tenth of the population 289 dead, 123 wounded
Previous Next
First Breen Advance Second Najh Capitulation

The Battle of Velos was a fight between the Velosian Defense Fleet and So'ja Coalition that took place from October 13, 2381 to January 15, 2382. (Star Trek: Pioneer)


The CWS To'mak and the 2rd Command Group entered orbit of Velos fighting off the USS Jefferson, and engaged the defense fleet. ("Everything Changes")


After months of intense urban warfare across the surface of Velos, the Coalition finally triumphs, forcing the Velosian High Council to surrender. Admiral Ru'siy then ordered that the planet's population be decimated, having a tenth of the population executed for the long struggle the Coalition forces had to endure before finally emerging victorious. After which, the Coalition declared Velos a protectorate of the greater So'ja Empire. ("The Boolran Eye, Part 1")

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