Battle of Xita
Part of U'lanna Campaign
Date: Stardate 79282
Location: Xita system
Result: Decisive Lyran victory
Lyran Star Empire U'lanna Commonwealth
Akeelah unknown
17 Lyran vessels 1 Jem'Hadar battleship
3 Jem'Hadar attack ships
2 starships All
550 3,794

The Battle of Xita marked the beginning of the U'lanna Campaign. As such, it was the first major engagement between the U'lanna and the Lyran Starfleet, taking place in 2402.

The battleEdit

After getting reports that shipping in the Xita system, both inbound and outbound, was targeted by what was then determined to be U'lanna starships. The 100th Tactical Wing has been deployed weeks late in order to put an end to the U'lanna threat. When the battle began, the enemy started sending in the attack ships while keeping the battleship out of weapons range. The attack ships were quickly dispatched before the Stoneship could sneak under the ship and fire phased plasma torpedoes at the antimatter storage system primary support braces.

Once the support braces have been destroyed, zombies began boarding Lyran ships, such as the Rigsby and the Stoneship. Due to the zombies' lack of firing speed, they could only inflict minor casualties on the crews of the ships boarded. After a Snow Leopard-class starship was destroyed, in an attempt to prevent the Rigsby from being captured, its captain rammed the weakened battleship, destroying it and ending the battle. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Ancient Horrors")


The hundreds of Jem'Hadar zombies led to the understanding of the mechanisms surrounding their zombification and, ultimately, to the development of new sabotage methods that, when applied successfully, can render Jem'Hadar much less effective in combat. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Off Coverage")

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