Battle of the Illinois Sector
Date: 2324
Location: Sector 021
Result: Decisive Chal victory
Chal Star Fleet Klingon Imperial Fleet Taskforce
Admiral K'Jam'S of House KiRk unknown
unknown Complete
unknown Unknown numbers destroyed or captured

The Battle of the Illinois Sector occurred in 2324 when the Klingon Empire attempted to reclaim its former colony of Chal. By this time and with the assistance of the United Federation of Planets, the Chal had become a thriving society with a strong Star Fleet of its own. The battle occurred on the extreme section of Sector 021, also known as the Illinois Sector, within Federation space. To their credit, the Federation held back from intervening, although much later a top secret memo reveled that a Federation taskforce was waiting to assist the Chal if needed, which was never requested. This event would lead to the founding by the Chal people of the Cha'ouw Empire.

Because the Klingons thought the Chal was a weak race, due to the fact that the Chal were a hybrid Klingon/Romulan (and Human, in some cases). This gave the Chal Star Fleet, under the command of the House KiRk, an psychological advantage that devastated a Klingon task force.

Shortly after the battle, the Klingons had withdrawn all claims to Chal and recognized the Chal as an independent government. At the end of 2324 the Cha'ouw Empire was declared, proclaiming House Ki'RK as its first Imperial House and under the leadership of the Head Military Fleet Imperial Commander.

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