Battle of the Recovery Site
Part of Briar Patch War
Date: August 2155
Location: Briar Patch
Result: United Earth victory
United Earth Fire Nation
Jonathan Archer unknown
one starship, one airship, 174 Starfleet and MACO personnel on the ground four battalions of surface troops, eight Fire Nation airships
none All airships destroyed and ground battalion decimated
Toph one MACO heavy
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Destruction of the Devisor

The Battle of the Recovery Site was an engagement between United Earth and the Fire Nation during the Briar Patch War. (Star Trek: Into the Inferno)

The Enterprise arrived in orbit of the Avatar world in search of the downed Columbia, however orbital scans proved to be inconclusive and landing parties were dispatched to search for survivors. Determining the search area was for the most part uninhabited, they failed to take the precaution of disguising themselves and instead landed in force, reasoning that the only humans they were likely to run into were crewmembers of the downed Columbia. What they didn't know was that two local factions were already actively searching the area for Columbia crewmembers and debris: a large battalion dispatched to the area directly on the orders of Crown Princess Azula to search for more prisoners to interrogate along with Erika Hernandez and most of her senior staff with the exception of her first officer, Commander Asha Naidu, and the airship Fearless , under the command of Sokka who were attempting to make peaceful first contact with Starfleet personnel and return Kelby and other survivors to United Earth forces. Enterprise personnel made first contact with the crew of the Fearless, and established a temporary alliance to fight off the Fire Nation soldiers that began attacking their positions soon after contact was made.

Reinforcements arrived soon after the commencement of hostilities with the Fire Nation when Columbia security personnel and MACOs under the command of MACO officer Major Mirza Shadi. They were helpful, but were unable to make a significant impact against the overwhelming numerical superiority of the Fire Nation forces, forcing him to call in Enterprise and her superior weapons in to defeat the enemy.

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