For Caldwell's normal reality counterpart, see Benjamin Caldwell.

In the "Stranger Than Fiction" reality, Benjamin Caldwell was a Starfleet linguist assigned to the Starship Voyager.

History[edit | edit source]

Unlike in the home universe, Caldwell did not end up being saved by the USS Cantabrian from the remains of Starbase Expanse 4; instead, he was transferred to Voyager sometime prior to the starbase's destruction in 2372.

Caldwell was a member of the crew when Voyager, with special guests Daniel Radke and Elizabeth Singh aboard, confronted the Myhr'an super battle cruiser. He, Radke and Singh transported to the Myhr'an ship to investigate.

Once aboard, Radke revealed his true colors: under M'Tar influence. Caldwell held off Radke long enough for Singh to escape back to her own reality. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Stranger Than Fiction")

With Voyager slamming into the Myhr'an super battle cruiser and causing extensive damage, it would be assumed Caldwell and Radke of this reality were killed in the explosion.
We assume that this reality diverged from the normal reality when either Radke decided to take a longer command of the Vicksburg or when the M'Tar somehow influenced him. This would have to take place before 2371 as he somehow managed to delay Voyager's completion to allow the Cantabrian to take its place. It's also highly implied he was responsible for stopping Starfleet involvement with stopping the M'Tar-influenced Myhr'an and arranging the demises of the other Cantabrian officers to allow a M'Tar take-over of the Federation.
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