Benjamin Kelsoe was the commanding officer of the USS Pioneer (NCC-1084) since 2378. He was one of the few Starfleet captains involved in major strategy planning during the Coalition War. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Early years[edit | edit source]

Benjamin Kelsoe was believed to have been born in Billings, Montana to unknown parents. The only identification that could be found on him was the name Benjamin, the last name had been scrubbed off the paper. Immediately after being found, the infant Kelsoe was sent to an orphanage in San Francisco. As he grew up he often asked about his parents, but he was never given an answer. He was told that the man who found him was a Dr. Kyle Kelsoe from Billings, Montana. He never found out who his parents were. When he was six years old, he was adopted by Maxwell and Julienne Brooke, who raised him as one of their own, along with their own son, Julian. ("Question of Loyalty")

Academy years (2364-2368)[edit | edit source]

When he had reached the appropriate age, he was allowed to enroll in Starfleet Academy with the Brooke's next door neighbor, Commander Jon Larue, as his sponsor. At the Academy, he met his long time friend, Connor Burt. Kelsoe excelled at his studies and physical training, making him an easy choice for officer training. During his graduation ceremony, Kelsoe met both Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Ambassador Spock.

Early career[edit | edit source]

Ensign Kelsoe served aboard the USS Milburn under Captain Donald Blaine. It was on the Milburn that Kelsoe became a lieutenant. ("Everything Changes")

The Skyfox[edit | edit source]

For a while Commander Benjamin Kelsoe was the executive officer on the USS Skyfox, under the command of Captain Sarah Tellening. Tellening and Kelsoe became romantically involved and after an away mission incident, Kelsoe requested reassignment. ("The Teacher")

The Enterprise[edit | edit source]

He was then sent the USS Enterprise, under the command of Jean-Luc Picard, where he spent most of his time in engineering assisting Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge, getting the new ship ready for its shakedown cruise. Captain Picard remembered meeting the young Kelsoe at Starfleet Academy and immediately recognized Kelsoe's given talents for command. Picard took it upon himself to become Kelsoe's mentor and Kelsoe has seen Picard as a second father ever since. It was while serving aboard the USS Enterprise-E that Kelsoe met and married his wife, Anne.

Starfleet Command[edit | edit source]

A year after he married Anne, a position became available in Starfleet Command, and with the urging of Captain Picard and Commander William Riker, Kelsoe applied for the post. He won the position and became the personal assistant to Admiral John Hayes, the Starfleet Commander. Kelsoe was present on Earth during the Borg incursion and watched from Earth Spacedock, as the Enterprise, with his wife aboard, was taken back in time with the Borg. Later, when the Enterprise returned, he learned of the assimilation and eventual death of his wife. During his grieving process, he was visited by many of his friends from the Enterprise including Jean-Luc Picard, Commander William Riker, and Geordi La Forge. ("The So'ja Incident", "The Teacher")

Duty aboard the USS Pioneer[edit | edit source]

Unsure that he was capable of command, Kelsoe suddenly found himself promoted to the rank of captain in 2378 and given command of a Nova class starship, the USS Pioneer, which had been refitted for long missions in a new part of space called the Oralian sector. Kelsoe asked his old Academy buddy, Connor Burt to be his first officer, and in no time a crew had been assembled. Later on Kelsoe would learn that one of his strongest proponents was Captain Picard, who, along with Admiral Hayes, had urged Starfleet Command to give him command of a starship. With the knowledge that both saw him as having the capability to command his own starship, his confidence soared and he was ready to tackle his first mission. ("The So'ja Incident", "The Teacher")

Body swap[edit | edit source]

During the second year of his assignment aboard the Pioneer, Kelsoe encountered a prisoner by the name of Tyson Calok, who had glowing red eyes, and special abilities. In an attempt to escape, Calok swapped bodies with Kelsoe. The crew later uncovered this deception, and Kelsoe was restored to his own body, but he had unknowingly met his archenemy in the process. ("Transfer")

Cloned[edit | edit source]

In 2379, Romulan Commander L'mar meet with Kelsoe about the Pioneer, after which it was discovered that L'mar had stolen some samples of Kelsoe's DNA. Later that year, the Pioneer stumbled upon the wreckage of L'mar's ship, the IRW Khellian, and found a young boy. After an examination by Dr. Braga, it was determined that the boy was a clone of Captain Kelsoe. Kelsoe named him Kyle, and stood by his side as he died as a result of genetic encoding by L'mar. ("Beware Romulans Bearing Gifts", "The Crossing")

Medal of Valor[edit | edit source]

In 2381, Kelsoe received the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor for his action in preventing the assassination of Federation President Korvin Mot earlier that year. Admiral Toshio Kawamura presented the medal to Kelsoe three months after he was rescued from his imprisonment by Tyson Calok and the So'ja Coalition. ("Prime Target", "Everything Changes")

Programmed[edit | edit source]

In early 2381, at the beginning of the Coalition War, Kelsoe as abducted from the USS Imperial while they were rescuing the crew of the USS Regal in the Trajan Nebula. He was taken to a secret station somewhere in the vicinity of the Venka Nebula. While there he was tortured and interrogated by Tyson Calok and L'mar, during which Kelsoe was shaved and subjected to Calok's telepathic mind probes. Later that year his crew rescued him. In 2382, after the Battle of Minark, Tyson Calok "activated" a mental program he had installed in Kelsoe while interrogating him in 2381, causing him to turn stark raving mad. It was only through the efforts of his crew and some timely help from Xojo Manjala that he was cured of the mental program. Later, it was determined that as a result of the programming, Kelsoe could read Romulan. ("The Hornet's Nest", "Nothing Else Matters", "Torment and Woe", "Dawn", "The Forgotten Planet")

Because of this mental program, Section 31, sent Commander Bradley Smith of Internal Affairs to arrest Kelsoe on charges of treason. During his interrogation, Smith revealed that Kelsoe no longer required the universal translator to read, speak, or hear alien languages. After which, Smith informed Kelsoe of the charges and placed him under arrest. However, Smith's mission was foiled by Admiral Truman and he committed suicide while being transferred back to Earth for court martial. ("Internal")

Starfleet service record[edit | edit source]

Honors[edit | edit source]

Citation of Honor, Star Cross, Legion of Honor, Medal of Commendation, Career Service Citation, Extended Service Citation, Starfleet Delta Cross, Silver Palm, Battle of Sector 001 Service Medal, Dominion War Victory Medal, Raid on San Francisco Service Medal, Purple Heart, 18 Commendations, and the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.

Ribbons[edit | edit source]

Starfleet Academy Top 15% of Class.png Bridge Officer Certification.png Command Officer Certification.png Extended Service Citation.png
Dominion War Victory Medal.png Starfleet Delta Cross Ribbon.png Career Service Citation.png Purple Heart.png Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.png

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Benjamin Kelsoe enjoys collecting antics and ancient artifacts, a habit he picked up from his former commander Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Kelsoe's first commanding officer was Captain Donald Blaine of the USS Milburn (NCC-1901), where Kelsoe served as the CONN officer. It was with Blaine that Kelsoe explored his interest in painting. Though Kelsoe has remained an amateur, Blaine is considered a great painter. In fact, when Kelsoe was promoted to Commander, and made the first officer of the USS Skyfox, Captain Blaine gave him one of his paintings. ("Everything Changes")

Friendships[edit | edit source]

Connor Burt[edit | edit source]

Connor Burt and Kelsoe have been friends since Starfleet Academy. Kelsoe's first year at the Academy was difficult, as he got used to the course curriculum and the physical training. Burt, despite being a year behind Kelsoe in entering the Academy, excelled in his classes. They met during an engineering class which Kelsoe during the beginning of Kelsoe's second year. The class was for sophomores, but Burt's test scores had cleared him for the class. They hit it off immediately and soon after became roommates. Eventually, the two of them ended up renting an apartment in downtown San Francisco.

After graduating they stayed in touch, and in 2378, when Kelsoe was given command of the USS Pioneer, he asked Burt to become his first officer. ("The So'ja Incident")

During leave, Kelsoe and Burt both went hiking together, along with Braxis, on Andres Rae. ("Almost Paradise")

Robert Tuff[edit | edit source]

Kelsoe first met Commander Robert Tuff in 2378, when the USS Pioneer rescued him from the wreckage of the USS Clark in the Venka Nebula. He would later ask Tuff to become the tactical officer of the Pioneer. ("The So'ja Incident")

During their duties aboard the Pioneer, Kelsoe grew to respect and value Tuff as both an officer and a friend. Their bond strengthened when they worked together to interrogate Korvin Mot's would-be assassin in early 2381. Their friendship became so close that they eventually developed inside jokes that only the two of them knew. Later that year, after the forced retirement of Commander Burt, Kelsoe asked Tuff to become his first officer. ("From the Past", "Infested", "In Custody", "Everything Changes", et al.)

James Morgan[edit | edit source]

Kelsoe was good friends with MACOs commander Major James Morgan. Both were orphans and grew up in the same orphanage in Montana. ("The Hornet's Nest")

Norman Craig and Tracy Carson[edit | edit source]

In 2379, when Kelsoe became trapped in the spiritual realm of the Kobalians, Lieutenant Norman Craig agreed to link minds with the captain to bring him out. As a result of their mind being linked, Kelsoe became familiar with Craig's feelings for Tracy Carson, and for a time afterward, he felt he had those feelings for Tracy. However, he knew that those feelings were just Craig's lingering feelings from their mind link. Yet, despite that, Kelsoe continued to feel strongly about both Craig and Tracy, almost as if they were family. ("The Bonding")

In 2382, Kelsoe presided over their marriage. ("For Better or Worse")

Romances[edit | edit source]

Anne Kelsoe[edit | edit source]

Kelsoe met Anne while serving aboard the USS Enterprise. They married in late 2372. Kelsoe loved her very much and when she was assimilated by the Borg and later died in 2373 it tore him apart. By 2380, he still had not gotten over her death. ("The So'ja Incident")

Joanna Withrome[edit | edit source]

Although neither has admitted it, they both felt a strong attraction to one another early on into their assignment aboard the USS Pioneer. Kelsoe's first officer, Connor Burt, tried to convince Kelsoe to see Joanna romantically. However, he declined, remembering his past relationship with Sarah Tellening.

Sarah Tellening[edit | edit source]

Tellening and Commander Kelsoe in 2371.

In 2370, Benjamin Kelsoe became Tellening's executive officer aboard the USS Skyfox and by early 2371, they had begun an affair. In 2372, Kelsoe requested a transfer after his feelings for her interfered with his duties during a mission. The two met again in 2380, when Starfleet needed to select a new Commander-in-Chief. They had dinner, and Tellening revealed her interest in picking up where they left off, however, Kelsoe was still recovering from the loss of his wife in 2373. At the time, his feelings for her are ambivalent. ("The Teacher")

When they met again, she teased that she had been eying Major James Morgan, Kelsoe's old friend.

In 2382, before the Battle of Minark, Tellening and Kelsoe reunited during the mission briefing. Captain Connor Burt sensed that the flame between the two was still there so he left them the room, leaving them alone. Tellening and Kelsoe exchanged a few words before passionately kissing and deciding that they would continue their relationship once they returned from the mission. ("Torment and Woe")

In 2383, after the events of Minark and its aftermath, Kelsoe and Tellening decided to take their relationship slow, to allow Kelsoe time to recover from his ordeal. ("The Forgotten Plant")

After suffering at the hands of a rogue Internal Affairs officer, Kelsoe finally admitted he loved her. ("Internal", "Obsession")

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Tyson Calok[edit | edit source]

Kelsoe first encountered Calok when the crew of the USS Pioneer was assigned to transport Calok from Dinok to the Federation Penal colony on Rizac V. Later, when he was "released", Calok attacked the Oralian Peace Conference on Deep Space Five, almost killing Kelsoe and Admiral Harold Anton. Since then Calok has been a persistent thorn in the side for both Kelsoe and the Federation, including helping the So'ja Coalition plot the assassination attempt on the Federation President. Then in 2381, Calok abducted Kelsoe from the USS Imperial and performed a series of experiments on him, which could be viewed as torture. After many sessions of experiments and mind probes, Calok revealed to Kelsoe that he had big plans for the captain. ("Transfer", "Security Threat", "Prime Target", "The Hornet's Nest", "Question of Loyalty")

Calok's assistance of the So'ja Coalition in their war against the Federation has also helped create feelings of animosity between the two. Calok had also interfered with Kelsoe and his crew's secret mission to Boolrillia to contact the Boolran. And he also played a major role in the Battle of Minark, the aftermath of which nearly destroyed Kelsoe's sanity because of the mental program Calok had installed in his mind. ("The Boolran Eye, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3", "Torment and Woe", "Dawn")

The mental program he received from Calok, which was later undone by Xojo Manjala and Tracy Carson, was used against him by Internal Affairs officer Bradley Smith, when Smith accused Kelsoe of treason. ("Internal")

Telek L'mar[edit | edit source]

The Romulan Commander L'mar attempted to clone Kelsoe after meeting him in 2379, and later joined forces with Tyson Calok against the Federation during the Coalition War. He also assisted Calok in his experiments and torturing of Kelsoe while the captain was in their custody. ("Beware Romulans Bearing Gifts", "The Crossing", "Prime Target", "Question of Loyalty")

Xojo Manjala[edit | edit source]

The Tealuian known as Xojo Manjala has been a thorn in Kelsoe's side ever since he abducted three crew-members of the USS Pioneer in 2378. Xojo was then caught performing scientific experiments on the crew of the Pioneer. And then joined forces with Tyson Calok to 2382. Later that year Xojo was betrayed by Calok and the Coalition when the 3rd Command Group attacked his homeworld of Minark. After the Battle of Minark, Xojo helped repair the damage done to Kelsoe's mind by Tyson Calok. ("The Caverns of Eden, Part 2", "Unwelcomed Visitors", "Question of Loyalty", "Torment and Woe", "Dawn")

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