Bibliothèque was a Blood Raven strike cruiser in a possible far future. It was commanded by a Chapter Serf, Captain Ufrat. It was the first vessel to meet the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) after the latter was pulled into the possible 41st millennium.

In 2268, the Enterprise was duplicated in such detail that it remains unknown which ship was the original and which was the duplicate. One ship continued to Vulcan whilst the other travelled into the future. This almost destroyed the Enterprise, but even if the ship had been undamaged it would still have been helpless thanks to the absence of subspace. The Bibliothèque had been transporting Captain Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Ravens off Tartarus.

Ufrat offered to take the Enterprise to a Forge World, pointing out that she could easily have plundered the ship. During the voyage, Commander Spock and Admiral Talunas visited the strike cruiser and met several Space Marines. On arrival at the Forge World of Reolaz IV, Bibliothèque released Enterprise but was then forced to defend it against a rogue faction of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Despite its best efforts it was unable to stop a glancing hit from a Mechanicus weapon striking and destroying the Enterprise. The strike cruiser immediately destroyed the Mecanicus warship and then picked up several escape pods.

Once the truth of the Enterprise's journey to the future came out, the strike cruiser transported the survivors to a Space Hulk containing the derelict USS Miranda and Enterprise (NX-01). It helped defend the crew against attacks by a Chaos fleet.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Bibliothèque, like may Imperial vessels, was vastly more powerful than Federation vessels of the 23rd century. One of the Enterprise's helmsman, Ensign Haines, estimated that the strike cruiser had firepower exceeding all 13 Constitution class starships. Unlike many Imperial vessels, all the weapon systems were automated and did not need manual labour. The ship's hangars could carry the Enterprise comfortably and were tough enough to stand an explosion from a warp core breach.

Crew[edit | edit source]

  1. Centurion Ro Edon served as chief medical officer. He was Bajoran.
  2. Optio Suma served at ops. He was a Vulcan who had attracted racial bigotry due to his resemblance to the Eldar. Like most in the Imperium, Suma simply saw himself as a Human with pointy ears and green blood.
  3. Captain Ufrat served as commanding officer. She was Human and was proud to command a ship that had functioning automated systems and did not require huge amounts of physical labour.
  4. The rest of the crew included a tactical officer, Navigators, and some servitors. Navigators were a species of mutant who aided faster than light travel and only functioned as traditional navigators during such flight. Servitors were a kind of cyborg where a brain served as a central processing unit. Some servitors were grown artificially whilst others were converted out of convicted criminals.

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