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You may also be looking for Star Trek: Poseidon - The Birth of the Federation.

Birth of the Federation was the first Star Trek based story written by JayLR. The story was based on 204 turns of the turn-based strategy game, Birth of the Federation. The story chronicles several of the major events that occurred in that game.


Part 1: Beginnings The Federation first ventures out into the galaxy.
Part 2: First Combat Over four months have gone by and the Federation is about to encounter its first alien starship.
Part 3: Into the Fire The Federation is at war with the Sheliak and a new, very powerful race has appeared on the scene, the Cardassians.
Part 4: Peace at last? The Federation is finally at peace with the Sheliak and every thing is peaceful. But with the Romulans and the Cardassians flanking the Federation, how long can it last?
Part 5: Four's a Crowd Things are heating up in the galaxy. The Romulans seem to be preparing for war with the Federation. But with two more major galactic powers about to enter the scene, will the Federation be forced into war?
Part 6: A War on Two Fronts Starfleet has just opened another front this time it was without the consent of the Federation Council. Victory is the only option.
Part 7: Liberation For years the Yridians lived under then rule of the Klingon Empire but no longer will then be subjected and Starfleet has moved to liberate them.
Part 8: Shattered The Federation-Klingon war is going well for Starfleet but the fragile peace on the other side of the galaxy is about to be shattered.
Part 9: Forced Retirement This chapter marks the end of two things that have been with the Federation since the beginning.
Part 10: The End of the Beginning The conclusion of the story.

Background information[]

  • The story includes vessels that do not appear in the original game due to the use of a mod. The game was never actually finished by the author, mainly due to a bug with the game.

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