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"Bitter Sweet" is the fifth episode of the second season of Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions.


Investigating the claim of a Dark Starship, the USS Cantabrian crew make a grim discovery: the saucer section of Benjamin Caldwell's mother's command, the USS Cartwright, crashed on a planet's surface.

Investigations find the Dark Starship, traveling back in time to the Federation-Tzenkethi War in 2361, attacked the Cartwright, sending the crippled ship forward in time to crash on the planet. But where are the survivors?

In dealing with his mother's demise, Caldwell falls victim to a trap and is genetically altered again. This time, its consequences are negative; he's infected with Taris Syndrome...


  • We discover the fate of the Cartwright but not her crew or captain. We do know, from her computer message, Sydney Caldwell survived the crash.
  • Taris Syndrome re-emerges, with Benjamin Caldwell being the latest victim.
  • We learn Samantha Delaney is commanding the Dark Starship.