Black Tornado is the fourth episode in the Star Trek: False Vacuum series, launched on May 31, 2015.

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Chelsie Fox, the commanding officer of Unity One Starbase, asks the crew of the Antechrist to recapture escaped prisoners from pirates. The last known location was an asteroid field known as the Black Tornado because of the black hole in its center. Upon arriving at the Black Tornado, they engage a Klingon D7-class carrier, the IKS Gomex'Zha. The Klingons first launch their fighters and they are defeated, being boarded by security guards, while incurring about fifteen redshirt losses.

Onboard the Klingon ship, a shipment of lightsabers and white kryptonite was found at the same time the carrier's captain fought Deadwing in lightsaber combat. The Gomex'Zha was flown to Starbase 182, where its commanding officer talked about converting it into a garbage scow that could carry 50,000 tons of garbage in one flight at the same time an exhibition about the Battle of Klach D'Kel Brakt was held, complete with an holodeck program.

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