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Pursued and damaged by repeated Klingon attacks, the crew of the Enterprise must respond to the distress call from a Federation research ship. In a matter of hours, the ship and crew will be consumed by a nearby star and the crew of the Enterprise will be consumed by a mysterious horror that threatens both ships as the Klingons watch and wait.



The episode begins in a battle that is realizing between the USS Enterprise and the Klingon ship Dark Destroyer under the command of Captain Kargh. The Enterprise is damaged and is giving turns, and Pavel Chekov calls the ship корова (Cow), and gives back the fire. The Klingon ship becomes cloaked and goes away, and James T. Kirk asks Montgomery Scott more energy. Kirk says Chekov not to call the Enterprise again «big and clumsy moose», and Chekov says that it wasn't «moose», but «cow». Kirk promises to the Klingons that this attack will have consequences.

Act One[]

The nephew of Kirk, Peter Kirk, has been assigned to the Enterprise as an ensign, and Kirk is concerned about him. The sickbay is saturated with injured crewmen, and the Lieutenant Alex Freeman is taking care a lot with Peter, the one who only has slight wounds. Leonard McCoy says that there are injured crewmen graver. McCoy tells Alex that he has to treat Peter as one more and tells him to help the nurse Fontana, and he will take care of an injured grave. Nyota Uhura detects a mayday of the USS Copernicus, a scientific ship. Kirk asks Spock if there is some Federation ship more than the Enterprise in the zone, and Spock says that the Enterprise is the only ship in the zone, and they're very near to the Copernicus. Besides, the Klingon ship doesn't suppose a threat. Kirk asks Scott speed of Warp 4, but Scott only can give him Warp 2.

Kirk has asked Spock to form a team of rescue, and when Spock has chosen Peter, Kirk says that they won't go, and will take Freeman in his place. In the room of Peter and Xon, Peter says that Kirk is a "stubborn and stupid son of a bitch" because he has taken him out of the team of rescue. Xon says that he asks too much of Kirk, only is a simple human, but Peter says that he's James T. Kirk. Xon says that he has to go back to his station, and goes away. Then it comes Alex Freeman, who is the boyfriend of Peter, and the two are homosexual. In the bed, Alex throws a glimpse at Peter's wound, and afterward, Alex says to Peter that Kirk has chosen him in his place. Peter says that they could reveal his relation and marry on the Enterprise, with Kirk, and Alex accepts. The two kiss and then fall off the bed and laugh.

In the bridge, they observe a couple of stars, one giant red and a blue dwarf. The red star is called Lear, by the King Lear of Shakespeare. The blue dwarf is Yago. Chekov detects that Copernicus' orbit will take them to the star and burn, Spock says that in 18 hours. Uhura doesn't know how many signals of life there is because there are too many interferences for a clear reading. Kirk asks to equalize the orbit to distance of transport.

Act Two[]

Stardate 6429.2. The Enterprise cannot detect signals of life, neither have the energy to tow the Copernicus out of harm's way. The team of rescue will look for surviving and will recover the logbook the fastest possible. Peter comes to speak with Kirk in an official way, and asks him why he has taken him out of the team, and he will have to ask a transfer to avoid favouritism, beside his future husband, lieutenant Alex Freeman, if Kirk wants to marry them. Kirk surprises and says that they will talk about the wedding when finalizing the mission, and concedes Peter to join the mission. Kirk discovers that he was the only in knowing it.

In the transporter room, Xon detects repulsor fields in the ship to contain something. Peter comes and says that his uncle has said that yes. Vincent DeSalle says to Mikhail Hodel that has won his bet on Peter and has to him 20. Kirk says that they will have to work fast so that the Klingons don't detect them. Spock assigns Janice Rand and Mikhail Hodel to recover the logbook, Alex Freeman and Vincent DeSalle will look for surviving, and Peter will remain with Spock. They are transported, and Kirk is concerned by his nephew. McCoy remembers him that he's now an adult.

In the Copernicus, they find wavicles, a phenomenon that shows the characteristics of wave and particle, and they touch Hodel. Freeman has difficulties to be able to analyze him. Later they discover the bridge, but it has been soldered, and they have to use the manual access. Kirk asks Uhura to send to the Fleet's Command a review of Code 9. On the bridge, they find the captain dead.

Act Three[]

On the bridge of the Copernicus, Freeman discovers that there isn't blood in the body of the captain, even a drop. All the consoles of the bridge are destroyed, and they can't do anything. On the Enterprise, Chekov discovers vital signs that come to the bridge, and appears a crewman injured. The crewman's name is Ahrens, and he says that all will die because they have arrived too late. Later he asks to kill him, he steals Peter's phaser and kills himself. They begin to fly wavicles, and Chekov says that another thing comes to the bridge, and it isn't Ahrens.

Spock says that they cannot do anything, all the ship is contaminated. Kirk asks Scotty about the biofilter of the transporter, and he answers that the particle won't be beamed, but the wave will be. And this will be sufficient. And only they will be able to do it if they have 6 or 7 concentric repulsor fields that went quite powerful. But they don't have sufficient energy. Spock says that the team won't come back not to infect the Enterprise.

McCoy wants to talk with Kirk in the turbolift, and he reveals that the Copernicus has plasmocytes, that are Regulan bloodworms. The Regulan System was put in quarantine for more than 100 years, but the Copernicus violated the quarantine. In the Copernicus, they follow looking for access to the registers of the ship. They stop, and Peter speaks with Alex about Kirk and on his last conversation to marry. Alex wants to speak about his family, but Peter has found something and says it to Spock.

In the conference room, they speak about the damage from the Klingons, and that some have three turns without sleeping. Scott speaks about the sparkle-dancers, and Chekov says that he will see them because it is Russian. Scott told Chekov that if he founds somebody that had seen a sparkle-dancer, check what he was drinking, and bring him a box. Starfleet Command contacts with Kirk, and orders him to destroy the Copernicus with all the team on board.

Act Four[]

Kirk speaks to the crew about the plasmocytes, and Kirk says that when Spock had transferred the logbook of the Copernicus, all of them will separate of their consoles, and he personally will destroy the Copernicus. And when they had confirmed it, Kirk will send his resignation to Starfleet Command and Scott will assume the command of the Enterprise. Scott says no, and Kirk tells Uhura that she will assume the command and put Scott under arrest. Uhura says no, and also Chekov and McCoy. Kirk says that he would have to arrest them all by insubordination, but he has never been so proud of them.

Kirk speaks with Spock about the order of Starfleet Command, and Spock says that they haven't time to speak. In the meantime, Peter speaks with Hodel about his marriage with Alex, and afterwards manages to access the registers. Hodel says that it will take 3 minutes, and Peter tells him about how knew Alex. Then Hodel is attacked and devoured by the bloodworms, and Peter can't save him. He sees the bones and the blood of Hodel, half-devoured, and Peter decides to shoot him with his phaser so that he doesn't suffer.

The bloodworms go to kill Peter, and then the other comes to protect Peter, and they enter a turbolift. The bloodworms are coming, and with each shot, they are more aggressive. Spock asks Peter to calm and seal the turbolift. Then they speak about the order of the Starfleet to destroy the ship when some bloodworms begin to melt the door of the turbolift to murder the rest of the team…


Memorable quotes[]

"Spock, am I…the only one who didn't know?"
"I believe…Mr. Scott might have been too busy to notice."
— Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock, regarding the upcoming wedding of the captain's nephew.
"My nephew, on a security team?"
"Relax, Jim. We don't put bull's eyes on the redshirts anymore."
— Captain James T. Kirk and Dr. Leonard McCoy, as Kirk's nephew departs on a dangerous away mission.
"Wavicles, a phenomenon that demonstrates the characteristics of both wave, and particle."
"You mean, it can't make up its mind what it wants to be when it grows up?"
— Mr. Spock and Lt. Hodell, making a scientific discovery.
"Sleep? There's no such thing. It's just an old space tale, like sparkle-dancers or Klingons with a heart of gold"
"No. I remember sleep. I did it once. You lie down and don't do anything for six hours. Vonderful."
Scotty and Chekov, after Uhura mentions the crew's lack of sleep.


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