Borg Attack at Sector 654
Part of Federation-Borg Conflict
Date: 2585
Location: Sector 654
Result: Federation victory
Federation Borg Collective
Frank Riker Borg Queen
14+ starships 12 Borg cubes
14 ships 7 cubes
Unknown Unknown
Previous Next
None Romulan Crisis

The Borg attack at Section 654 was a battle fought between the Borg and the Federation during the 27th century. (Star Trek: Mirror Wars)


The Borg sent twelve cubes from the Delta Quadrant to attack Sector 001, but Starfleet detected and attacked them at Sector 654. Early in the battle, the USS Striker was destroyed along with thirteen other ships.

The USS Kelborn, under the command of acting captain Frank Riker, fired on the lead cube's weapons' array, destroying it. The five remaining cubes retreated, but were destroyed by Starfleet ships before leaving the Alpha Quadrant. The Borg have not been seen or heard by Starfleet since this date. Starfleet Headquarters believes that they are preparing another attack, but with no evidence, they cannot be certain.


Riker's wife was killed on the USS Striker during the battle. He was devastated by this loss for a long time, but was helped out of his depression by his best friend, William Deker, who served with Riker on the Kelborn during the battle.

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