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"Borg Invasion" is the third episode of Star Trek: Dragon, written by Jon Wasik, part 3 of the Dimensional Exploration story-arc trilogy.


Upon waking up after another dimension jump, Captain Harriman is startled to discover that over half of the Dragon's crew lost consciousness this time, along with almost all of the Excelsior's crew. While investigating the reason behind the brain damage that the anomaly seems to cause, Chris and Doctor Trieal discover that crew members with great mental shielding, Vulcans and full Betazoids, are so far unaffected. Meanwhile, everyone is startled when a Borg cube approaches, apparently with an unassimilated crew. Captain Harriman becomes even more startled when the commanding officer of the ship is a woman named Tayla Harriman, who claims to be his daughter and claims that Chris has died in this time period.

When Tayla and a 60-year-old version of Sarah beams over, they learn that they are in the year 2399 and in this dimension the Borg invaded Federation space a year after the USS Enterprise-D's first encounter at system J-25. Many remaining Federation, Klingon, and other remnant ships banded together and for decades offered great resistance, but eventually most ships were destroyed and the survivors were forced to capture a heavily damaged cube.

After several battles with Borg vessels, Lieutenant Commander Tom Halkrat calculates that they can return to their home dimension. To do so, they must return to the exact coordinates where the first anomaly was created, inside of the Marauder Nebula. Meanwhile Doctor Trieal and the ship's counselor, Terry Latrael, are able to effectively shield the Dragon and Excelsior's crews. When the ships arrive at the nebula, they find a tactical cube and a normal cube waiting. While Tayla's cube runs interference, the Dragon and Excelsior slip by, create the anomaly, and head home while Tayla's ship prepares to leave the galaxy in search of a new home. After confirming success, Captain Harriman sends Captain Sulu home as well.

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