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Brandi Ward was the Chief Engineer of the USS Tamerlane from 2268 to 2270. (Tamerlane)


Brandi is a guarded individual. She has seen some rough times and has found herself in enough bad situations to be cautious of her personality. Given time, however, Brandi tended to warm to people. Even at the best of times, however, Brandi's personality was often described as "Dark".

Early life and career[]

Born on the non-aligned colony of Jericho, Brandi Ward found her early life rough and difficult. In [[2258],] the government of Jericho was overthrown in a bloody military coup. Brandi and 12 other children, all "Netrats", were rescued by the USS Ptolemy which happened to be in orbit performing a standard planetary resupply operation. Shortly after the successful coup, any "Netrat" found on Jericho were rounded up and executed.

Raised in a foster home until she was 18, Brandi eventually recovered from her rough past and began to live a normal life. She joined Starfleet and went immediately into the Engineering corps. Eventually serving under Commander Michelle Smithfield of the USS Farragut before being picked by Commander Cochrane to replace the retiring Lt. Commander Jackson as the Chief Engineer of the USS Tamerlane.

The Tamerlane[]

Brandi only served during the last couple of years on the Tamerlane.

Family and personal life[]

Of the three ranking ladies on Tamerlane's command crew, Brandi found it the easiest to form relationships. Though guarded, Brandi had no problems forming lasting and functional friendships and relationships. She often tried to find her father, Oskar, but since the curtain fell on Jericho, there was no way to secure information about his fate.

author's note: As most of Tamerlane is character-driven, I'm reluctant to post any spoilers until they are revealed in the episodes themselves