Braxis was the science officer of the USS Pioneer since 2378. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Early yearsEdit

Braxis was born on Vulcan to Romus and P’Tel. After his rigorous training at a Vulcan school of thought, young Braxis - with his parents' "encouragement" - joined Starfleet and enrolled at Starfleet Academy.

Academy years (2284-2288)Edit

At the Academy Braxis excelled in his studies, taking a particular interest in the sciences, which pleased his parents. His role model was Captain Spock, who he had the honor of meeting during his graduation.

Return to VulcanEdit

After he graduated from Starfleet Academy, he was unable to go immediately into active service because he began the Pon Farr. Braxis returned to Vulcan, where he married T’Pring, and began the mating process.

Early careerEdit

After finding a mate, Braxis was assigned the USS Saratoga, where he served with distinction in the science lab. Braxis was allowed extended leave after he served aboard the Saratoga. During his extended leave of absence he and T’Pring decided to raise a family. The result was two sons, Tumok and Sulek.

Soon after he rejoined Starfleet in the Science Department, he was promoted to Lieutenant. Within the Science Department, he became well known and soon was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Later careerEdit

After another extended leave, in which Braxis and T’Pring had their daughter, Varel, Braxis was asked to join the crew of the USS Pioneer as its science officer. Along with the assignment would come a promotion to Commander.

Starfleet service recordEdit

--Extended Leave--
--Extended Leave--
--Extended Leave--


Cochrane Medal of Excellence, Citation of Honor, Prentares Ribbon of Commendation, Star Cross, Award for Valor, Citation for Conspicious Gallantry, Decoration of Gallantry, Extended Service Citation, Legion of Honor, Medal of Commendation, Medal of Honor, Medal of Valor, Silver Palm, 23 Commendations.

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