Breen Attack on Earth
Part of Dominion War
Starfleet Headquarters lies in ruins following the Breen attack.
Date: 2375
Location: Sol system
Result: Dominion victory
United Federation of Planets Breen Confederacy
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Invasion of Septimus III Second Battle of Chin'toka

The Breen Attack on Earth was a Breen Confederacy surprise attack against the Federation capital of Earth. The battle acted as a declaration of war against the Federation Alliance by the Breen and their announcement of their alliance with the Dominion.

The Breen's surprise attack on Earth saw significant damage to the San Francisco area. The Breen not only hit Starfleet Command but also the city itself and destroyed the city's iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Only a few of the attacking ships managed to make their way back to Dominion lines, but this was outweighed by the psychological impact the battle had on the Federation and its allies. (DS9: "Changing Face of Evil")

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Using cloaking devices to sneak their fleet of nearly 300 starships to the Sol system the Breen fleet hit the Starfleet Third Fleet's outer defense perimeter at Neptune, taking the Third Fleet by surprise and attacked the Mars Defense Perimeter in a two hour battle the Breen destroyed the MDP and 139 Starfleet vessels, killing 32,500 Starfleet personnel.

The fleet then proceeded to Earth and split their forces into four attack wings, concentrating their assault on San Francisco, Paris, New York City and Beijing. The attack on San Francisco targeted the hub of Starfleet and destroyed Starfleet Headquarters and large parts of Starfleet Academy. They also attacked the city itself and destroyed the Golden Gate Bridge. Federation Hall was also destroyed. The Breen utilized tectonic weapons to activate the region's earthquake faults causing devastation throughout the Pacific coast of North America. In Paris the Breen primarily went after Federation facilities such as Empyrean House in the hopes of killing as many of the Federation government as possibly. Their also destroyed the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Their attacks on New York City and Beijing were simply terror strikes against heavily populated cities.

The arrival of the Starfleet First Fleet from Alpha Centauri drove the attackers away, destroying many of their number in the process.

While the Breen were driven away and suffered heavy losses they had achieved their objectives. They had caused major damage to Earth, the damage was severe enough to leave 75% of the population without power and other amenities for a week or more. They also killed a large number of Starfleet personnel and Federation civilians, 22 million were killed on Earth alone. The attack was psychological blow to the Federation and the events of the following days, including the Second Battle of Chin'toka would further demoralize the Federation. (The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon)

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