Brieanna Smith ("Brie" or "Anne" to her friends and family) was the Executive Officer of the starship USS Lexington. (The Lexington Adventures)

Early life & careerEdit

Brieanna grew up in Elk Point, South Dakota] as the eldest of three siblings; two sisters and a sole brother. Her father was a prominent rancher in the state and being the eldest, she took to ranch life quickly. She joked at times that she learned to ride a horse before she learned to walk. Until she turned 8, she was going to take over her father’s business and run the family ranch.

She enrolled into Starfleet Academy the day after she graduated from high school. During her Academy training, she stood out as an excellent engineering student, though she struggled with some of her command training. It was in her senior year that she met the famous engineering officer who was synonymous with the starship Enterprise; Montgomery Scott.

After a stint on the Enterprise and Lexington refits, Smith was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to the USS Constitution (NCC-1700) as a junior engineering officer. In 2284, after working her way up the ranks, she was made assistant Chief Engineer on the Excelsior project.

In 2286 as the Excelsior project was coming to a close, Brieanna started to think that maybe she would retire to her ranch in South Dakota and maybe help with the running of the family ranch. It was during the last days of her leave that Captain McKnight visited her and asked if she would be interested in being his executive officer. It took losing a game of poker to him for her to rethink her retirement and again put herself on a starship.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Brieanna grew up in in a family with two younger sisters and a brother. She did not talk about her family much, leaving people to wonder if or what happened.


  • Lieutenant, Engineering Design Intern, Enterprise Refit Project, NCC-1701 (2271-73)
  • Lieutenant, Impulse Engineering Specialist, Lexington Test Project, NCC-1709 (2273-74)
  • Lieutenant Commander, Junior Engineering Officer, USS Constitution, NCC-1700 (2274-78)
  • Lieutenant Commander, Engineering Officer, USS Constellation II, NCC-1017 (2278-81)
  • Lieutenant Commander, Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Columbia, NCC-2001 (2281-84)
  • Commander, Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Excelsior, NX-2000 (2284-86)
  • Commander, Executive Officer, USS Lexington, NCC-1709-A (2286-present)

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