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Ceej Whaldron, a Brikar

The Brikar (or Brikarians) are a semi-humanoid species native to the planet Brikar Prime in the Beta Quadrant, not far from the Klingon Empire. Known to be taciturn and sometimes warlike, they share a cultural animosity towards the Klingons. As of the late 2350s, they were not members of the United Federation of Planets. However, several Brikar did serve in Starfleet, including Zak Kebron, Ceej Whaldron and Roakn. (TNG novels: Worf's First Adventure, Line of Fire, Survival; Star Trek: New Frontier, Star Trek: Pendragon)

Brikar biochemistry was silicon-based, and their rock-like skin is composed of various mineral and geologic compounds. They are highly resistant to injury, even from sustained energy blasts, can lift several hundred pounds with ease, and are able to hold their breath for extended periods. The average Brikar lifespan is at least several hundred years. However, they must wear gravity compensators in order to retain mobility in standard environments. Brikar adolescence involves the shedding of one's outer dermal layers, revealing new, slightly less tough skin beneath. (Star Trek: New Frontier)

It is revealed that the Brikar will make there first televised appearance in Star Trek: Prodigy.

The idea that Brikar are silicon-based lifeforms is conjecture, but seems logical considering their similarity to the Horta and Excalbians.

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