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"Brother's Keeper" is the eighth episode of Star Trek: Reliant and the first episode of season two.

The episode features a crossover with Star Trek: Antyllus.


Reliant cast[]

Antyllus cast[]

  • George Kayaian as Captain Holt Allen
  • Briana Dougherty as Science Officer Brooks
  • Jennifer Kahler as T'Zroc
  • Jody Hessel as Hab'Tekton
  • Regina Moran as Lt. Starlin
  • Christine Dougherty as Navigator King
  • John "Izzy" Izquierdo as Helmsman Wolper
  • Michael J. Arbouet as Hartwell

Guest starring[]

  • Tom Davis as Captain Braxton
  • Michael Parsons as Dr. Klade
  • Shawn Peters as Daniels
  • Steven Stanley as Breen Scientist

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