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Caitians (Caiti sapiens) are the native sentient felinoid species of Cait, a class M world that orbits 15 Lyncis.
15 Lyncis comes from publicity material released at the time of TAS. A later source — Decipher RPG: Starfleet Operations Manual — affirms that the Caitian homeworld is Regulus V.


Cait formed its world government c. 2050 (Graham/Mandel timeline) and were admitted to the United Federation of Planets in 2181 (Star Trek Maps)

The Decipher RPG has the first meeting between Caitians and the Federation as late as 2249.

Following the destruction of Cait during a war between the Gorn Hegemony and the Kzinti Patriarchy the Caitians constructed four artificial planetoids around 15 Lyncis to serve as home for the surviving refugees. (Starfleet International)


Caitians and other felinoid/ailuroid races such as the Vedala, Eeauoians, Seltzans, and Kzinti -- as well as Lyrans -- may be related.

The genetic link between at least the Caitians and Kzinti was first suggested in Star Trek Log Five. Worlds of the Federation says that Caitians are believed to have descended from a Kzinti colony.

Average heights for Caitians are 1.7 meters (males) and 1.5 meters (females). Average weights are 80-95 kgs (males) and 50-65 kgs (females). Normal body temperature range is 101-102.5 Fahrenheit. Normal pulse range is 110-130. Nornal respiration is 100. Normal blood pressure is 110/80. As of 2289, the normal life expectancies were 39.8 Terran standard years for males and 42.6 solar years for females. (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual Supplemental)

All Caitains serving with humans in Starfleet are required to take daily injections of tisourine to keep their hair from falling out and causing an allergic reaction in humans who are also allergic to cats. (Absolute Horizon)


The V'rrow was a Caitian religious order. M'reen's mother was a high priestess of that order, whose members were adept at sensing the "psychic auras" of many Federation species. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Belonging")

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