Planet: Callia
Form of Government: Monarchy
Executive: Queen
Formation: Religious Decree, Synoecism
Location: Oralian sector
Religion: The Homage Call
Language: Boolran
Currency: Standard credits
Anthem: "The Sea Is Home"
Affiliation: Oralian Peace Union
Callian concept art

The Callians are an aquatic based humanoid species who inhabit the planet Callia, an O Class planet, in the Oralian sector. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

In 2380, the crew of the USS Pioneer, under the command of Captain Benjamin Kelsoe, encountered a Callian cargo ship called the Brine XII, which had been damaged by a Di'gan marauder attack. Lieutenant Commander Joanna Withrome boarded with an engineering detail to assist in repairs and was kidnapped by the Callian captain, Crespin, who had become infatuated with her. ("Deception and Attraction")


The Callians live in an monarchy, where the royal family still has absolute authority and power.


Most of the Callian people are peaceful and like in their underwater habitat farming kelp or living in the vast underwater cities. Many Callians enjoy relaxing in the water, allowing the currents to take them around their vast untouched underwater "wilderness". As a result the Callians have never really developed any advance technology for war, and were forced to asked Federation assistance during the Coalition War. ("The Boolran Eye, Part 1")


Callians are roughly humanoid in shape. Though their skin is covered in fish scales. Most Callians have silver-blue scales, similar to an Earth rainbow trout or Australian salmon. Their gills are located at the base of the neck and go up to the base of their skull. Their have one single fin on their head, starting at the stop of the forehead and ending at the base of their skull.

Notable CalliansEdit

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