Star Trek Expanded Universe

Calvin Mercer was the temporary captain of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).


Having previously held a position as ships Science Officer and 2nd in Command. Mercer was the only surviving member of a landing party on his previous assignment. This loss caused him to transfer to the Academy as an instructor in the footsteps of his father. Mercer quickly realized how much he missed the excitement and was given a chance to return to space and a chance to command.


Mercer’s style was different from Kirk. He was less impulsive and analyzes decisions, often too much. He was charming and witty but constantly on trial with himself, a strong, complex personality. With the Starship out of communication with Earth and Starfleet bases for long periods of time, a Starship captain has unusually broad powers over both the lives and welfare of his crew, as well as over Earth people and activities encountered during these voyages. He also had broad power as an Earth Ambassador to alien societies in his galaxy sector or on new worlds he may discover. Mercer feels these responsibilities strongly and is fully capable of letting the worry and frustration lead him into error. Captain Mercer had only a few opportunities for anything approaching friendship. One exception was his first officer, and Andorian Female named Unara Ivos. They often played together as children because their fathers served side by side for several years. Unara had adapted to the new relationship where Mercer was her superior very well. (Star Trek: Secret Voyage)