Star Trek Expanded Universe

Canon (\'ka-nen\) comprises the television shows, movies, novels, comics, et cetera, considered authentic or sanctioned as part of the Star Trek universe.

Paramount Pictures and other "Powers That Be" have determined, for Star Trek, that all live-action series and feature films released by the copyright owner are canon. Some books, such as Star Trek Encyclopedia and Star Trek Chronology, are also seen as canon or having canon information until information "on-screen" contradicts them. Anything outside these categories, even if produced or sanctioned by Paramount, is not considered canon.

The canon live-action series and movies are:

Star Trek: The Original Series - Star Trek: The Animated Series - Star Trek: The Next Generation - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Star Trek: Voyager - Star Trek: Enterprise - Star Trek films

Star Trek fans have varying degrees of what they consider canon. Some believe some novels fall into canon, while others believe fan films can be considered canon. The term fanon, a play on the words "fan canon", encompasses this. Fanon can also describe fan fiction, fan films and other fan-created media.

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