"Captain's Log" (or Post your Captain's Log) was the fifth clips episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and the second clips episode of the fifth season. It collected short log entries by Captain's related to Task Force Epsilon and the IKS B'Cnah in the early 25th century. Each entry was a reply to an Arc Forums message board thread based on Captain's logs by Hawku. The series of clips are open-ended.


Several Captain's, including Oroku Seifer, Yuffie Samya and others describe events, through log entries, after the Iconian War.

Posting guideEdit

Part Posted Prod. Code Stardate Captain Summary
Captain's Log, Part I Sep 21 2015 PNX151_P005NA 87421.34 Oroku Seifer Seifer looks back at the war and mulls over how to call in sick for the next adventure.
Captain's Log, Part II Oct 03 2015 PNX151_P005NB 87421.41 Yuffie Samya Samya recalls her time during the war, in which Task Force Epsilon was sent to take down a covert group of Herald ships.
Captain's Log, Part III Oct 10 2015 PNX151_P005NC 87421.43 Iviok Iviok recounts a recent encounter with a Deferi transport.
Captain's Log, Part IV Oct 11 2015 PNX151_P005ND 87421.5 Oroku Seifer Seifer relieves his crew and tries to work through the undead-like virus from Calibus VII.
Captain's Log, Part V Dec 21 2015 PNX151_P005NE 185th day of Kahless 1036 Menchez Mecnhez visits Earth Spacedock.


Background informationEdit

  • In Part III, Iviok's mention of the Jenova exploding several times and being brought back into existence by Q is a reference to "There's Always Some Strings Attached" where Menchez was made aware of his respawning after death. Both instances are references to Star Trek Online's in-game respawn feature.
  • In Part V, Menchez's visit to Earth Spacedock is based on an in-game bug in Star Trek Online which allowed KDF players to access it the weekend of December 18th, 2015.

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