"Captain's Prerogative" was the fourth clips episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and the first clips episode of the fifth season. It collected short thematic and paragraphed chronicles, or descriptions of Captain's Oroku Seifer and Menchez's experiences in the early 25th century. Each entry was a reply to Arc Forums message board questions posted for the Star Trek Online player community about their "Captains". The series of clips are open-ended.


Through separate experiences, Oroku Seifer and Menchez encounter their own brand of mischief in the Delta Quadrant, are subjects of reflection of belonging and are profiled on personality and behavior.

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Part Posted Prod. Code Theme Summary
Captain's Prerogative, Part I Mar 17 2015 PNX143_P004NA What did your Captain do in the Delta Quadrant? Seifer deals with the Vaadwaur, while Menchez seeks out the Borg.
Captain's Prerogative, Part II Apr 12 2015 PNX143_P004NB Where does your Captain belong? Seifer is profiled on his meal choice, while Menchez streamlines his search for opponents.
Captain's Prerogative, Part III Jun 18 2015 PNX143_P004NC Describe Your Character's Personality Seifer runs monthly sehlat racing competitions, while Menchez accidentally kills five visiting Kzinti dignitaries.

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