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Carl Stevens was born in Vancouver, Canada in 2344 to Robert and Julia Stevens. His father was a retired Starfleet transporter chief and his mother was a nurse. Carl was the oldest of two children.

Tales of knights and nobles had always fascinated him since his boyhood and led to making him an idealistic young man when he entered Starfleet Academy at the age of eighteen. He would graduate with a degree in exo-archaeology.

He always had an affinity for the Earth species canis familiaris as he was raised with an Akita Inu dog named Odin for most of his childhood. The dog died two days before he went to Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: Voyager - The Guardian)

Starfleet career[]

Entering Starfleet Academy in 2362 Carl Stevens would meet Ensign Deborah Kinnian, a recently commissioned officer who was temporarily on duty as a teacher while waiting to go to her follow on assignment. She helped Stevens with many of his mathematical courses.

After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Stevens would class up with Class 05-2366 of the Search and Rescue pipeline. He would be rolled back to a later class due to injury during the Bindoon SAR EMT course. He would serve for nearly two and a half years in the 172nd Search and Rescue Squadron with the Evacuation Flight.

Maquis career[]

During his time with the 172nd SAR Squadron Stevens witnessed the fighting between Federation colonists and the Cardassians. The idealistic young officer was often frustrated by the Federation's seeming inability to stop Cardassian actions that violated the treaty.

After serious frustrations with this Stevens resigned from Starfleet to join Chakotay's Maquis band. (Star Trek: Voyager - The Guardian)

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