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"Anyone who's a writer and a Star Trek fan always wishes that they could write an episode of Star Trek. And for me this was my dream come true. Seeing words that I wrote actually acted out and appearing on screen, complete with phaser blasts and transporter beams and all those things. So if I die tomorrow, I die a happy man."
Carlos Pedraza interviewed for Hidden Frontier: Season 4 - In Focus

Carlos Pedraza (born 29 January 1963) is a fan film writer, director, and producer.

He was Staff Writer for Star Trek: Hidden Frontier and was a producer of the show during its sixth season.

Pedraza also directed two episodes of the series, season five's "The Battle is Joined" (with J.T. Tepnapa) and season six's "Beachhead".

Pedraza then moved over to Star Trek: Phase II as co-executive producer for "World Enough and Time" and penned the following two episodes "Blood and Fire, Part 1" and "Part 2".

Pedraza named the USS Helena after his mother and the city in the U.S. state of Montana, where he attended university.[1]

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