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Carol McGivers is a Commodore and is the Director of Starfleet Intelligence. (Star Trek: SFI).

She has been in Starfleet for her entire career, and she is in her mid-to-late 50’s. She is new to the position and operates with the highest standard of ethics. She is sister to Marla McGivers, the former officer of the Enterprise exiled with Singh in the Ceti Alpha system. As a result, she has the drive to prove her loyalty. Her personal motto is, “Doing the popular thing isn’t always right and doing the right thing isn’t always popular”, a phrase which comes in handy when dealing with the political sensitivities of her position.

Not much is known or revealed about her recent Starfleet assignments; however, she was personally appointed by the Federation President under controversial circumstances over the objections of internal personnel. No one has ever discovered the President’s rationale for that decision.

McGivers operates “by the book”. She will not take a course of action unless a clear quantitative case can be made. As a result, she has earned the nickname “Ice Queen of Numbers” from many at SFI. However, McGivers is not to be trifled with. She has many tricks up her sleeve when the going gets tough.

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