Star Trek Expanded Universe

Cascia is an M-class world in the Vitus system. The planet is well-known as a vacation spot, though not as busy (or "predictable") as Risa or Wrigley's Pleasure Planet. One of the larger settlements was the city of Nodewh.

After leaving Starbase 60 in 2384, the SS Walkabout stopped at Cascia for shore leave, resupply and medical attention. (Walkabout: "Lazy Harry's")

The mysterious bookshop Pevensie's Emporium appeared on Cascia during the Walkabout's layover, and Brian Mallory visited the shop to buy a gift for one of the crew. (Walkabout: "Lazy Harry's")


  • City of Nodewh
    • The Island Resort
    • Crossed Stars Lounge
    • Empress Hotel
    • Golden Hotel
    • Marketplace
    • Port Authority
    • Fisher's Pier
    • Tarleton's Beach
    • Old Way Trail