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The ISS Phoenix-X in 2375.

Category for crew members who served aboard the ISS Phoenix-X.

Night Gotens (mirror)Edit

Terran Starfleet - CDR

First officer

This Night Gotens was the mirror counterpart of Gotens. He was a Trill who was joined with the mirror Gotens symbiont. His host body was killed in a console explosion when his ship, the ISS Phoenix-X, was transported to the primary universe. The mirror Doctor Lox had his body cremated after transferring the still living symbiont into the primary universe Trill host, James. ("Pure Evil")

Lox (mirror)Edit

Terran Starfleet - LCDR

Lieutenant Commander

The Doctor Lox of the mirror universe was shortly transported over to the primary universe in 2375 aboard the ISS Phoenix-X. He cremated the mirror Night Gotens' body after it had died, and pretended to be the other Doctor Lox when contacting the Trill government for a new Trill host for the mirror Gotens symbiont.

Lox was not unlike his counterpart, in that he would experiment in unethical procedures. The only difference was that he would constantly be reprimanded by his commanding officer, Captain Daniel. ("Pure Evil")

In 2375, he was killed, along with the rest of the crew - but brought back to life in 2383 by Rein, an omnipotent being who also sent the crew back to the mirror universe. ("Broken Pieces")

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