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A roleplaying game (RPG = Role Play Game) (or Sim) is a game in which players create roles that they "play", as part of the overall game. Numerous Star Trek RPG forms exist, including interactive fan fiction, play-by-email, play-by-forum, play-by-chat and more.

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  • Star Trek: Kiheitai [1] - Rag-tag Starfleet group in the Star Trek Online timeline.
  • UFOP: StarBase 118 - Do your dreams lie in the stars? Do you have what it takes to rise through the ranks, leading your character from Cadet to Captain and beyond? Are you looking for the opportunity to tell the story of their journey and take your place in a dynamic and engaging universe populated by experienced SIMmers?
We offer the highest quality Star Trek role playing experience on the internet today while providing a friendly and welcoming online community. Our group was founded in 1994 and has been in continuous operation since then. We offer an extensive and complete training course upon acceptance that will help you get your feet wet and get you comfortable with our simming style. In addition, we have an active forum, an online database to organise your character's information, and several ships and stations that will suit your own personal SIMming speed. If you are 13 years of age and up, we'd love to have you join and become a part of our community. Check us out!
  • Alt-StarFleet-RPG [2] - ASR, or alt.starfleet.rpg- a PBEM interactive role-play game made up of more than 100 writers spread across 17 units assigned to one of three fleets. The ASR universe was created in 1991, and is set in a time period around 40 years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis, in the Earth calendar year 2421. It has recently opened a new fleet, this one set in the year 2260 and revolves around the events of the 2009 Star Trek film, when the Romulan Nero ventured back through time and destroyed the starship KELVIN, creating an new, alternate timeline. This new fleet, called ASR: ORIGINS, takes that new timeline and starts the adventure all over again. They are truly writing the future.
  • Beyond the Mirror [3] A Mature Forum based RPG set in the Star Trek Mirror Universe.
  • BORDERLANDS: Star Trek RPG[4] - Borderlands is a collection of Star Trek-based play-by-email roleplaying groups, home to seven RPGs. In Borderlands, participants may play as members of Starfleet, join the Romulan Star Empire, serve aboard a civilian merchant ship, or unite with a rebel faction against the Federation. Crew-members play as part of a team in a wide range of missions, from science to exploration to full-scale battles. Borderlands offers members "the most realistic and exciting PBEM experience that can be found on the internet, while providing a friendly online community". Borderlands has existed since 1993 and remains active. Players can work their way up from ensign to captain and above.
  • Bravofleet [5] - Forum/PBEM RPGs set over a number of eras.
  • Deep Space 9 - The New Team [6] - Forum RPG about Deep Space 9 in the post-Nemesis era. In Russian.
  • Expansionfleet [7] - Set after the return of the USS Voyager from the Delta Quadrant. Starfleet soon learned about all the dangers of the Delta Quadrant, and realized they might be facing more threats than just the Borg, Species 8472 and the Dominion...To establish a new presence in deep space, Admiral Vorak is put in charge of a whole fleet: one large station and a fleet of ships, with a new task: to boldly go where no one has gone before.
  • FRONTIER: A Star Trek RPG - The year is 2380. The Dominion War is over, and once again people look toward the unexplored. A brand new, play-by-forum Star Trek RPG, launched 29/02/2020, offering a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new adventure. The forum is host to two roleplay scenarios; Front Ear Station, the event-driven and laid-back jumping-off point, and the USS Mac, the exploratory arm of the operation.
  • Frontier Fleet - Play by e-mail RPG set in 2394. A fleet of Starfleet ships explore the furthest corners of the galaxy with the help of transwarp drive.
  • Holotrek [8] - A Star Trek themed role-playing game on a timeline that branched from the events of TNG/DS9 around the first season of DS9. The game attempts to remain true to the Star Trek universe; canon is highly regarded. Players may choose to join the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, the Rihannsu (Romulan) Empire, the Ferengi Alliance, or Hellesport, an independent commerce station. The game is primarily role-playing, but is supported by advanced space, combat, skills, and economic systems. A full commodities market economy is available for those that wish to strike out on their own as freelance traders, merchants, pirates, mercenaries, and spies. HoloTrek welcomes both experienced and new roleplayers to the game. Good roleplay is rewarded; players who develop good roleplaying skills will find their characters growing in power and influence.
  • Independence Fleet - Star Trek Simming / Role Play By E-mail (RPBE) club founded on July 4th, 2001. Features ships and starbases specializing in exploration, defense, special operations, and more. Also maintains an open door policy allowing players of all interests, ages, and abilities to participate for any period of time desired. IDF, as it is known for short, has been one of the most influential groups in the simming community since 2010.
  • Infinity [9] - A forum-based roleplay based on a future timeline. This is not a sim. We've got an excellent group of admins and a great new story that is yet to be told. Everything from the youngest cadet to the oldest admiral finds a place here at Infinity. Infinity differs from many other Star Trek RPGs in that it focuses more on the interaction between the characters, their depth, their stories and how they interact than on just what happens, though we put a lot of care and attention into that aspect too.
  • Obsidian Fleet - Forum/PBEM RPGs in the post-Dominion War era.
  • Outpost Phoenix - Welcome to OPX! Outpost Phoenix is a role-playing, chat-based sim that meets every Sunday on Discord at 2000UTC/1500EST/1200 PST. We are an active, non-affiliated, live sim group that has been active since 2000. We have openings in every department. We have openings in every department. If you're interested in joining please visit our Wiki and pay us a visit on our Discord server.
  • SFHQ: Empires and Nations [10] - A text-based RPG which offers a number of sims spanning the 23rd and 24th centuries. Based on the PARS platform, it offers a rich and unique simming environment.
  • Simming Encyclopedia [11] - A formally collaborative simming encyclopedia that now functions like Facebook or Myspace to allow members to promote oneself or their games.
  • Star Trek: A Call To Duty [12] - RPG organization with games in IRC, PBEM, and forum formats. Founded in 1995 as vTrek on The Microsoft Network, ST:ACTD was officially endorsed by Paramount Digital Entertainment, with contracts signed to the original owners and ship managers. ACTD currently operates 40 vessels along with several special events.
  • Star Trek : After Earth [13] - Free Play by Email (PbeM) game, set in the year 2477. Based on an alternate Star Trek Universe, where we used the last movie, Nemesis, as the turning point history of our game.
  • Star Trek Beyond [14] - Forum based RPG bringing things forward from The Next Generation in the early 25th century. Set on board the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F under the command of Captain Lucan Valdora. She is bound for the Delta Quadrant to map the unknown and explore strange new worlds. They however might wish they did not.
  • Star Trek: D20 Role Playing Game [15] - An in depth and detailed Star Trek tabletop RPG in the d20 style. Available are the Core Rulebook (almost 100 pages), Character Sheet, Sector Map and a small Addendum to the Rules all in .pdf format. 100% fan made and 100% free.
  • Star Trek: Echoes [16] - IRC and PBEM-based RPG operating in various times, including TOS, movie-era, and post-Dominion War.
  • Star Trek: Freedom - Star Trek PBEM sim with over 80 active players, five bustling player ships and a wide variety of adventures in the spirit of classic trek, there's something to suit all tastes - from deep-space exploration to knife-edge diplomatic intervention to bitter ideological clashes.
  • Star Trek In Future [17] - A Hungarian Star Trek forum based role-playing game that takes place in the 29 century where the Federation faces a renewed threat from the Klingons, Romulans and Gorn empires as they seek to expand their territory.
  • Star Trek: Montana [18] - PBeM set in 2387, aboard the Jupiter-class USS Montana, under the Command of Captain Sandy Armstrong. After another drawn out Quadrant War, the Federation is looking to rebuild once more... "Don't try to be a great man, just be a man, and let history make its own judgments." - USS Montana-A dedication plaque.
  • Star Trek: Pegasus - Pegasus is a Nova based simm set in the year 2410, aboard the federation Excalibur class ship, Pegasus. Pegasus is an experimental retrofit of the original Excalibur class, designed to be faster, smarter and with better deterrents. But when the greedy organization section 31 get their hands on it, events that begin to shape the future of the galaxy suddenly land on the Pegasus's doorstep. You need only a web browser to play. Pegasus is best experienced in the latest version of Firefox. So put on your uniform crewman and beam up.
  • Star Trek Pacifica [19]- is a Play by Nova RPG set in the year 2346. Her mission is to conduct research and exploratory missions as well as maintain peace and order in the region between the Tholian Assembly, Gorn Hegemony, and Klingon Empire.
  • Top Star Trek RPG PBeM Sites [20] - The top 10 Star Trek RPG's on the net.
  • UCIP - UCIP is one of the most exciting simulation/role-play groups on the Internet, providing people with a huge variety of fleets and alien races to be a part of today. UCIP is also the longest established group on the Internet, serving simulation fans for over 15 years!
  • USS Chuck Norris - Star Trek RPG PBeM sim set in the late 24th century. This special operations vessel is the most awesome ship ever to serve in Star Fleet. A list of USS Chuck Norris facts can be found on the "sim" section of the website.
  • USS Pandora NCC-4495-D - Welcome aboard USS Pandora under the command of Captain Erick Lockley, a Ronin class medium cruiser and deep space explore assigned to patrol a new sector of uncharted space in the Alpha Quadrant that was open due to a newly founded stable Wormhole, ending up more that hundred thousand light years in the Teras Sector from it opening in the Taro System, close to Starbase 35. USS Pandora is a forum base RPG based on character development is the key, so if you are looking for a sim that focuses on character development, interaction as well as some good old fashion fun and adventure then please check into the roster. Find your position and climb aboard.

Defunct RPGs[]

  • Star Trek: Arcadia - Interactive fiction. The United Federation Starship Arcadia, equipped with quantum slipstream drive, focuses on life and exploration in the 2386 Star Trek universe, taking a mature approach to writing, with emphasis on realism, character-driven drama, and the science in (soft) science-fiction.

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