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Systems & TerritoriesEdit

Chords systemEdit

The Chords system was a star system located in Silillian territory, which Commander Seifer purchased, using fake latinum. When the society living on the Chord planet became aware of the ownership, they began to worship the crew of the Phoenix-X. The Phoenix-X then directed the refugee Renokian people to inhabit a planet in the same system, but after colonization, the Renokians went to war with the Chords species. Seifer also redirected a group of spaceborne Zeche creatures to stay in the system, who were unfortunately unable to find peace living there. In order to escape annual bill payments to the Silillians, Seifer, with Cell's help, rented the system out to a couple of Ferengi. ("The Cash Flow")

Silillian territoryEdit

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Tiloniam systemEdit

Not to be confused with the Tilonian system.

The Tiloniam system was a system near the Cardassian border. In 2374, the USS Phoenix was nearly destroyed by a fleet of Jem'Hadar using a new torpedo. ("The Tiloniam System", "Experimentalism", "The Tilonian System")

Stellar RegionsEdit


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Rockono GalaxyEdit

The Rockono Galaxy was an intersecting galaxy with the Milky Way Galaxy, but showed no effect since the Rockono Galaxy existed on a parallel plain of existence. In 2379, it caused a temporal rift to form near Narendra III. Later that year, RaeLuna and the crew of the USS Phoenix-X followed a NechRen ship into this galaxy; its home galaxy. In 2381, a Raekwon generator, on Duratra Cestus, malfunctioned and caused tears to be formed in the Duratra sector - which, in turn, allowed for Rockono spaceborne creatures to fly through as a threat to the Milky Way Galaxy. ("Occurence, Parts I & II", "Responsible Delinquent", "Dimensions")

Tagoth GalaxyEdit

The Tagoth Galaxy was home to the warring Thalia and the Ceavon, until the Ceavon decided to move to the Milky Way Galaxy centuries ago. The Ceavon, in 2377, were weary of the actions of their ancestors, since, when the Ceavon had moved to the Milky Way Galaxy, it was made possible by stealing the Thalia's only mode of cross-galactic transportation. ("Loyalties, Parts I & II")

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