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USS Angel WingEdit

The USS Angel Wing was a Starfleet classified experimental shuttle that primarily focused on medical servicing and test-bed technologies. Some of its designed medical devices were Borg influenced. The shuttle was built and designed by the Section 31 select Corps of Engineers, and would eventually be destroyed by the Fragma Alliance techship, Trance, in 2383. ("Secret Shuttles, Part I", "Transphasic Meltdown")

USS ParogaEdit

The USS Paroga (or USS Paroga-X) was a transwarp capable vessel developed by the tech-team, a group of brainwashed individuals from Starfleet Corps of Engineers. It was eventually taken to Section 31 by Lieutenant Wallace. ("Secret Shuttles, Parts I & IV")


The USS Phoenix-X's 8 Hellonesian JumpersEdit

The Phoenix-X`s 8 Hellonesian Jumpers were 8 fighter-type space craft, with advanced Hellonesian-type weaponry. They were traded off from a Larvekken freighter; an exchange that was arranged by Admiral Theseus, in 2377. The small craft were useful in missions and in combat. Instead of individual names, each craft were numbered, i.e. Jumper 1, Jumper 2, Jumper 3, etc. In 2378, one of the Jumpers was destroyed in battle with a Borg cube. ("Jumpers, Part I", "Destiny's Revenge, Part II", "The Timeship")

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