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Ceavon[edit | edit source]

The Ceavon were a species from the Tagoth Galaxy, who stole the Thalia`s mode of cross-galaxy transportation to travel to the Milky Way Galaxy. They brought with them a Thalia Communications Array which Ceavon descendants purposely discarded in the later years, out of fear of the Thalia's using it for revenge.

In 2377, the USS Shark discovered the Array and began studying it. The Ceavon attempted to warn the Federation off, but Captain Jet on the Shark was reluctant. When the USS Phoenix-X investigated the situation, the ship was suddenly infected with a computer virus directly started by the Thalia in the Tagoth galaxy whom were in communication with the Array. ("Loyalties, Parts I & II")

Helenion[edit | edit source]

The Helenion were a species originating from the world, Helenion, trying to recover from a planet-wide economic downfall. In 2376, a group of Helenions traveled aboard the USS Phoenix-X to be escorted home. Their trip was delayed when the Phoenix-X began mining isatonic crystal, which lead to an attack by the tree species. ("Christmas Special")

Thalia[edit | edit source]

The Thalia were a species who lived in the Tagoth Galaxy. They lost their cross-extragalactic transportation ability when the Ceavon stole it from them. One of their Thalia Communication Array's were also stolen by the Ceavon and brought to the Milky Way Galaxy. The Ceavon considered the array to contain the "Thalia Curse". In 2377, the Thalia from the Tagoth Galaxy sent a message to their communications array in the Milky Way Galaxy telling it to release a virus. When the virus infected the USS Phoenix-X, the Ceavon considered this to be the "Thalia Curse". ("Loyalties, Parts I & II")

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