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Altered replicatorEdit

The altered replicator was developed by Doctor Lox, in 2379, in an attempt to replicate living organs. Instead, it took on the ability to replicate latinum. Unbeknownst to the crew, the latinum that was replicated turned out to be fake and would quickly disintegrate. Causing too many problems with the Silillians for the USS Phoenix-X, the crew allowed the replicator to be taken on by two naive Ferengi. ("The Cash Flow")

Hull regeneration systemEdit

The Hull regeneration system was a Borg development aboard the USS Phoenix-X, when the ship was almost fully assimilated in 2376. It allowed the hull to reform and reshape itself after damage to its surface. After the Borg were forced off the ship, and all known Borg technologies were dismantled; it was decided that the hull regeneration system was too complex to uninstall. The system was kept aboard the Phoenix-X for a tactical advantage until 2383, when it was destroyed beyond repair by a molecular reversion field. ("The Return of the Borg", "Life 2")

Memory eraserEdit

The memory eraser was a technology that allowed a quick erasure of selected memory engrams within a person's mind. This specific technology was based on Romulan mind probe devices. It was given to Doctor Lox by Section 31, from the Tal Shiar, in the mid-2370s. ("Killing Spree", "Spider Agencies, Part II")

Omega bombEdit

The Omega bomb was a weapon of mass destruction, perfectly suspending the omega molecule as its source of power, and capable of wiping out an entire sector when detonated. It was developed by the Vernalian, in 2378, a pre-warp civilization. When Starfleet discovered this, the USS Phoenix-X was sent in, undercover, to purge the Vernalians of the technology. With only two bombs ever created, one was sent to Borg space, and the other kept aboard the Phoenix-X. It was deemed a mystery on how to disable it, so the crew kept it until a plan could be devised. ("Omega")

In 2379, the Omega bomb was disembarked unto 21st Century Earth, where it would be kept safe by the android Sub Zero. In 2380, the Omega bomb was converted into the android Omega, and built into his abdomen. In 2384, that specific model of Omega, the Raekwon Android model, was damaged severely in battle and abandoned to space in the Andromeda Galaxy. ("Occurrence, Part II", "The Timeship")

It is assumed the molecules are still suspended within the abandoned body, drifting through space at unknown co-ordinates in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Skull deviceEdit

The skull device was a small machine that enabled a vessel to travel between parallel universes. It came from a race in the Rockono Galaxy. In 2377, the crew of the USS Phoenix-X salvaged the device from a downed ship and installed it aboard the Phoenix-X. The result was an attack by its owners, aboard a phased vessel, the Xoleras, trapped between universes. When the skull device was returned, the attacks ceased. ("Ghost Face Killah")

Slipstream torpedoEdit

The Slipstream torpedo was a subspace weapon secretly sanctioned by Section 31, and developed by Starfleet. In 2375, Section 31 somehow gained knowledge of Slipstream (or something similar to it) and passed on their data to Starfleet for development. Schematics were conjured up and eventually sent to the USS Phoenix-X, via Starfleet Intelligence, for construction and testing aboard the ship. Upon testing, it was realized that it had subspace destructive capabilities. Fearing the public reaction to this, Starfleet Intelligence ordered that it be dismantled. Unfortunately for Starfleet, the torpedoes were kept operational aboard the ship; a truth also sanctioned by Section 31. ("Warfare")

The torpedo was labeled the Mark I Slipstream Torpedo until it was upgraded to the Mark II Slipstream Torpedo, in 2379. The Mark II was less a threat as it had the harmless capability of "sling-shooting" any nearby enemy vessel away. Upon firing, a temporary Slipstream vortex would open up and engulf the enemy vessel - until disposing of the ship a lightyear away. ("Responsible Delinquent")

In 2383, the Slipstream torpedo was revamped into the Transphasic torpedo system - making the Slipstream torpedo, on the Phoenix-X, no more. ("Transphasic Meltdown")

Tri-Focal ArrayEdit

The Tri-Focal Array was an energy siphoning device built into the ship's deflector dish, in 2368, with Section 31's blessing during the construction of the ship. It allowed the dish to send out a thick white beam at an enemy vessel, capable of absorbing the enemy vessel's energy - to be converted for use on the USS Phoenix-X. ("Jumpers, Part I")

Another function of the Tri-Focal Array, was as an attack beam. When the Phoenix-X is split into three halves, three beams, one form each Vector, converge into one point in space between them. A more powerful offensive energy beam, not unlike a very powerful phaser, is then shot outward from that point and into an enemy target. ("Cookies", "Warfare")

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