The Chalnoth were a humanoid species with cranial ridges, manes, and hook-like teeth. They lived in a warlike state of anarchy favouring the strong. The Chalnoth could only eat raw or living meat and some individuals could only survive for four days without food.(TNG: "Allegiance")

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Data, son of Soong[edit | edit source]

In an alternate timeline where Data was rescued by the Klingon Defence Force and raised in the Klingon Empire, a group of Chalnoth pirates had built several Daedalus class starships with up-to-date weapons and shields, and salvaged Avenger (NX-09) and the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B). They used this fleet to raid the Yattho, a precognitive race who predicted the attack and invited the KDF to test their new IKS Vor'cha in battle against the Chalnoth. The result was a great victory for the Yattho and the KDF, and confirmation that the Vor'cha class attack cruiser was a viable type of starship.(Data, son of Soong)

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