Dr. Chase Braga was the chief medical officer of the USS Pioneer since 2379. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Early yearsEdit

Chase Berlin Braga was born into a high status family, where his father as a highly decorated Starfleet captain and his mother a well respected doctor. Since his birth in New York City, Earth, it was self evident that Braga would now doubt be attending Starfleet Academy, but what surprised his parents was that he graduated with a medical degree.

Academy years (2367-2371)Edit

During his years at the Academy, Braga excelled in his medical studies and even excelled on the school’s tennis team, where he met and became good friends with Norman Craig.

Early careerEdit

With his father's promotion to Admiral, Braga's already high profile soared, allowing him to have his choice of assignments. Braga choose a position on the medical team on the USS Enterprise-D. Thanks to his father’s rank, Braga easily made his reached the rank of Lieutenant. After three years, Braga requested a transfer, and it was granted. He was transferred to the USS Niagara under the command of Edwin Sutton. Upon his transfer he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and showed himself to be a very good Deputy Chief Medical Officer. Braga served on the USS Niagara for five years.

Transfer to USS PioneerEdit

When the USS Pioneer lost her Chief Medical Officer to an unfortunate transporter accident, his father, who was the Commander of Operations in the Oralian sector at the time, reassigned him to the USS Pioneer to replace Dr. Walter McRoye.

During an away mission on the planet of Za'da Gol, a planet that has an atmosphere which caused the body to age more rapidly, Dr. Braga had the misfortune to stay to long on the planet. The formula developed by the planet's scientist allowed him to remain the same age, but his hair was permanently turned gray. ("Mission on Za'da Gol")

Starfleet service recordEdit


Battle of Sector 001 Service Medal, Extended Service Citation, Dominion War Service Medal, Surgeons Decorations, Order of McCoy (Third Class), 5 Commendations.

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