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The Cheyenne class was a Federation starship class that saw service during the 24th century. The class was one of the few classes to have more than two warp nacelles; like the Sadat-, Nimitz-, Constellation-, Cheetah-, and Illustrious-class starships of the previous century, it had four nacelles.

At least one Cheyenne-class starship, the USS Ahwahnee, was at the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2367. (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II")

Fan continuities[]

Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 1: The Ships of Starfleet[]

The class was designed as a light cruiser and entered service in 2361. It was one of the heaviest light cruisers fielded by Starfleet. This saw it serve as an escort and patrol vessel. During the Dominion War they were tasked with supporting larger vessels and acted as the secondary anchors of wings, some even led smaller wings. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 1: The Ships of Starfleet)

USS Cheyenne Operations Manual[]

Designed as an exploratory cruiser, the class entered service in 2341. There were at least 41 ships of this class constructed, launched, and commissioned. (USS Cheyenne Operations Manual)

The lead ship/prototype and at least Block I (constructed between 2341 and 2349) of this class were all named after indigenous ethnic groups of North America on Earth.

In 2354, Station Salem-One (aka Shadowstar Station) was the site of a Tholian attack. Among the Federation starships present at the station was the USS Apache.

Auxiliary craft[]

Cheyenne-class cruisers carried both R-class lifeboats and Azhanti-class lifeboats aboard. (USS Cheyenne Operations Manual)


The Cheyennes first entered service in 2354 with 45 ships. Refits (no new-build vessels) to the Mk-II standard began in 2369. (Star Trek: Starship Tactical Combat Simulator: Cheyenne Class XIV Cruiser)

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