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Cho Malfoy (née Chang) was a member of a six-person contingent of people from planet Gamma Germanicus VII (a planet in the Gamma Quadrant) who helped to defend the galaxy from the combined forces of the Suliban and their ally, Voldemort. (Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk)

Early history[]

Not much is known about Chang until the 1994-1995 term at Hogwarts School (GG7 dating), when Harry Potter asked her to the Yule Ball, a function of the Triwizard Tournament happening at that time. Another student, Cedric Diggory, was the first to ask her, however.

But, when Diggory was killed on orders of Voldemort during the tournament's Final Task, Harry and Cho began their relationship.



Harry Potter

As mentioned above, Cho and Harry Potter began to go out following the death of Cedric Diggory during the Final Task of the 1994 Triwizard Tournament (GG7 dating). It is not known how or when the two broke up.

Draco Malfoy

It is not known when Cho and Draco Malfoy began dating, as the first evidence of this relationship was sighted when Harry saw the two kissing in a corridor on space station Deep Space 9.

But it is known when Draco and Cho were joined as husband and wife; a few hours after the memorial service for those killed in the Battle of Sagitarius IX, Captain Benjamin Sisko joined Draco and Cho in a traditional Bajoran ceremony.

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