Dr. Christine Holley (Tina to her family, Doc Holley to her colleagues) is the Chief Medical Officer on the USS Farragut (NCC-1647). (Starship Farragut)

Early life and careerEdit

Dr. Christine Holley is a gifted surgeon who earned her reputation as a brusque, but incredibly efficient field medic before being posted to the Farragut.

The Farragut missionsEdit

This is her first assignment on a Constitution-class starship. Her work has earned her the position of Chief Medical Officer. She is most certainly up to the challenge, though she considers herself a doctor first and an officer second.

Family and personal lifeEdit

She is the younger of two daughters, born to a florist named Matthew Holley and his wife Irene Gowan Holley, the Irish concert pianist. Her mother died while giving birth to Christine, around the time her own name as a concert pianist was becoming known. Christine’s father retreated into his business after his late-in-life love had died, and Christine’s older sister, Mary, has always resented Christine for the loss of their mother and for the subsequent change in their father. Christine’s only companions growing up were her sister’s resentment, comparisons to her sister’s brilliance from every instructor they shared, and Christine’s desire to succeed on her own terms.


She has always had to compete with the reputation of her older sister, Mary Holley, Ph.D., who has made herself famous in the field of medical research. Professional reputation is not the only arena in which they compete. She tries very hard to overcome the shadow of her much older sister’s fame and become known for her own work. With a nine-year age gap between them, they’ve never been on very friendly terms. Dr. Christine Holley is the first member of her family to join Starfleet.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Either of you ever assisted in surgery before? Between the bullet, the boat ride and the cold, I'm not in the best of moods!"
— to Carter and Prescott - ("For Want of a Nail")


  • 2237: Christine Holley is born.
  • 2266: Posted as Chief Medical Officer of the USS Farragut.

Background informationEdit

  • Dr. Christine Holley was played by Amy Sepan in all of the character's appearances on Starship Farragut.

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