Christopher Truman was the admiral placed in commander of the Starfleet Third Fleet by Starfleet Operations since 2381. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Admiral Truman's flagship is the USS Normandy (NCC-10189).

In 2382, Admiral Truman became the head of Starfleet operations within the Oralian sector. During the Coalition War, Admiral Harold Anton, the Starfleet Commander, made Admiral Truman the Supreme Commander of Starfleet forces engaged in the war effort. ("In Custody", "For Better or Worse")

In 2383, Starfleet Intelligence questioned Truman's ability to lead the war effort, alleging that there was a leak in his chain of command. Commander Bradley Smith was sent from Internal Affairs to investigate, eventually accusing Captain Benjamin Kelsoe of treason. However, it was soon discovered that Smith was in fact an Section 31 operative. When he was found out he committed suicide rather than being captured. ("Internal")

Later that year, Truman hosted a reception at Deep Space 5 for Vice President Kaenar Korban and Starfleet Commander Admiral Harold Anton. ("Obsession")

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