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Chronicles of Taladu is the ninth episode of Star Trek: The Stoneship Files.


Act 1[]

The Stoneship was dispatched to rescue a pair of Lyran Starfleet Intelligence agents, sisters Amelie and Catria Grommet. Brianna Reiss, using telepathy, located the two of them in Taladu Station, while asking for sedatives, melorazine more specifically. Meanwhile, while Brianna was sleeping, Atenza played Super Mario Br'Hausse with other crewmembers that discussed Brianna's power, which came to a surprise to them. But they also discussed how Kzinti telepathy worked, limitations included, as well as how they differed from Malachorians.

Act 2[]

Upon arriving at Taladu Station, the Stoneship flew as slowly as a freighter would, both warp and impulse, with Mandy Guilmain led her sisters into battle, aboard Lyran shuttles, fighting off the fighters launched by the base. At the same time, the Stoneship laid siege to the base, destroying its drydock and with both the fighter escort and the mothership taking damage, the latter to its expanding sphere generators. When the station is evacuated, a lifeboat departs the station and the enemy fighters regroup to join the lifeboat in formation.

Act 3[]

After the pirates escape through the wormhole, they discover 47,000 copies of World of Warcraft, counterfeit Rakelli clothing, millions of cigarettes, as well as a vault full of latinum and other valuables, but no trace of the prisoners. An away team comprising Urie, Mrazek and Kolmor prepared to make a bank robbery in an attempt to complete the plunder of the base. The pirate leader challenged Brianna to find the prisoners on the other side of the wormhole.

Act 4[]

Akeelah announces the crew of the Stoneship that it became the flagship of the 100th Tactical Wing. In order to assess the risks associated with the wormhole, Lisunia decided to have a class 4 probe launched. After the space station was plundered, the demolition of the station was underway and they discovered that the wormhole had about 3 minutes of stability left before it became too unstable for safe passage. Finally, after going through the wormhole, the lifeboat and its remaining escort have been destroyed.

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