Cid was a Starfleet officer and starship commanding officer in the late 24th and early 25th century. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


Starbase 55Edit

In 2374, Cid was a Captain and was present with Admiral Theseus aboard Starbase 55 when Theseus decided to commission the USS Phoenix-X into service. ("The Tiloniam System")

USS ManilaEdit

For some time, Cid had allowed Commander Avery to take command of the USS Manila to run errands for the Admiralty. Unfortunately, Avery began to detest Cid for sticking him with a trivial mission. It wasn't until a reception, in 2376, that Avery expressed his true feelings against the Captain.

Feeling responsible, Cid allowed Avery to take on one of Cid's more important missions: to inspect the USS Phoenix-X. The only problem was that Cid hadn't known of Avery's personal vendetta of revenge against the crew of the Phoenix-X, and it didn't take long for Avery to use Cid's power behind Cid's back to decommission the ship. In 2376, Cid's crew and ship were captured by the Gordarions for experimentation. Cid barely escaped with his life and was found aboard an alien space station. There he was saved by Commander Gotens and Captain Aeris. With Gotens' and Aeris' help, Cid was able to save his crew and ship from the Gordarions. ("Experimentalism")

USS ValhallaEdit

By the 25th century, Cid was at rank admiral and was in command of the Odyssey-class starship USS Valhalla. He fought the Iconians in the Iconian war, and encountered the Lukari, who's sun was dying. ("Sunrise")

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