DaiMon Cide was a Ferengi starship commander and entrepreneur in the late 24th and early 25th centuries. (Simworld Fleets: USS Yamato, Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


Commanding the SS Fortune's GoldEdit

In 2379, Cide agreed to transport Brent to the Orion cruiser Yuria. But, on-trip, he realized Brent was going against Starfleet Command and attempted to black mail Brent with his life for more money. Brent overcame the threat and was secretly delivered to his destination as planned. Cide also sold several Pakled computer cores to Golex aboard the Yuria. ("Resurrections")

In 2386, Cide allowed one of his crew members, an officer name Rune, to take part in an Officer Exchange Program with the USS Yamato. As an addition to the exchange, he had high expectations that Rune would initiate a business venture of some kind, with failure resulting in a revoke of the exchange. (Simworld Fleets: USS Yamato)

Commanding the SS Jade FoxEdit

In 2410, Cide was next in line to be the CEO of the Slug-o-Cola corporation. Being under a lot of pressure to succeed, he attempted to increase his algae supply (a key ingredient in Slug-o-Cola) by modifying Genesis-torpedoes to convert organic matter into algae. He first launched a few of these torpedoes onto an unexplored planet in the Delta Volanis Cluster. The Phoenix-X stopped him from continuing his destructive actions before the entire planet was destroyed. ("The New Frontier, Part II")

Soon after, Cide was fired from Slug-o-Cola and returned to his ship. There, his mind and the mind's of his crew were accidentally switched out and inserted into the bodies of the crew of the USS Crucial, by the Traveler, Wayfar. Cide, himself, was switched in to Captain Menrow. Upon realization of their situation, the crew began searching the Federation databases for opportunity. There, they discovered an experiment to control the Barzan wormhole on Vandor IV. Cide then purchased the rights to own the Takarian home world in the Delta Quadrant, from Arridor and Kol, and took the Crucial to Vandor IV. There, he destroyed several Starfleet science ships, made a deal with the Orion Syndicate to control the area, and then took the Crucial in to the wormhole to the Delta Quadrant. On the Takarian home world, Cide and his crew, in Starfleet bodies, took on the role of the Great Advocates to further the world's economy, under the intentions to strip it of its resources. Iviok and Reynolds were quick to stop Cide and his plans, and Wayfar switched Cide and his crew's minds back in to the Ferengi bodies, aboard the Jade Fox, in the Alpha Quadrant. ("Better Angels of Our Nature")

Charges were being laid against Cide and an Orion slave girl, involved with the previous Orion Syndicate deal, agreed to testify against him. ("The Arrival")

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