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Francisco Cumberland is not in command of the USS Hannibal NCC-512


Commander Francisco Cumberland awakes to find he is not in command of the USS Hannibal NCC-512 and is instead he is running a dojo on Earth.

Memorable quotes[]

"Personal Log, stardate 7020.3, I just woke up from either the weirdest dream or some alternate reality that seemed so real, instead of being captain of the Hannibal, I was a sensei at a dojo, I had a wife, kids, and a nice successful business rather than my Starfleet career. In this timeline, Elaine Navarro was captain of the Hannibal but Admiral Navarro commanded this ship before Shenar, in fact both were at the launching ceremony wish me good wishes. It felt so real, the smells, tastes, being transported, and the warmth of my wife and kids, seemed too real, as if this timeline didn’t exist at all. I could speculate and say it was an alien force showing me another life but lacking proof, anyone I told this to would think I’m nuts, maybe I am, either way, the other life felt as natural as this one, like everything was in place. Anyway, those are my thoughts for now, I need to get to the bridge and relieve J.T. and get a ships report before I settle in"
Commander Francisco Cumberland to his log recorder when waking up from his dream.


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