Clear Skies

Clear Skies

Clear Skies is a webseries from the Streampunks group, focusing on actual play sessions of a Star Trek Adventures campaign. The series premiered on January 13, 2020, on the QueueTimes channel on Twitch, with videos uploaded to YouTube later in the week. The first episode was simply titled "Prologue".

Clear Skies focuses on the crew of the USS Ross, the first ship of her class, in 2381, several years after the USS Voyager returns from the Delta Quadrant. As a new ship designed to test new technologies, the Ross is assigned to the Shackleton Expanse, the setting of Star Trek Adventures's Living Campaign.

Though the series is a "spiritual sequel" to the group's previous webseries, Shield of Tomorrow, the copyright to that show's original creations remained with its producers Geek & Sundry, meaning that none of the Shield of Tomrrow's characters or concepts could be followed up on in Clear Skies.

Ross class variant

A Ross-class starship in the 2410s. (Star Trek Online)

One week before the series premiere, a Q&A session was streamed, where it was announced that a secondary campaign, focused on a Klingon captain and crew, would be streaming alongside the main Clear Skies campaign. Also announced was a special partnership with Star Trek Online, in which the USS Ross would appear in that video game. However, unlike the USS Sally Ride from Shield of Tomorrow which functions as an NPC ship in STO, the Ross would actually be a fully-realized playable starship.


Clear Skies cast

The cast of Clear Skies season one.



USS Ross personnelEdit

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Starfleet Command personnelEdit

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As in most tabletop roleplaying games, the non-player characters are typically portrayed by the game master, though other players may perform as additional NPCs on occasion. All Clear Skies NPCs are performed by Eric Campbell, unless otherwise noted.


Season OneEdit

  • "Prologue"
  • "The Stage Is Set"
  • "The Stowaway"
  • "SB-24"
  • "Before Hell"
  • "Before Hell, Part 2"
  • "The Edge of the Unknown"

The League of WhimsyEdit

The League of Whimsy is the Patreon and associated Discord server for Eric Campbell, the game master of Clear Skies. Exclusive information, including character sheets and other details, is released through the Patreon, and patrons are able to join in Clear Skies roleplay on the server, as well as have their characters potentially included as NPCs in Clear Skies episodes.

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