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One of the most unusual Starfleet officers, Clicker (real name, if any, unknown), was a football-sized alien covered in brown fur. Though asexual, this being was referred to in a masculine sense. "He" earned the name "Clicker" due to a peculiar clicking sound emitted while in motion or in response to emotional stimuli. Clicker's voice, rendered via the universal translator, carried a cymbal-like quality, like a soft percussion note rising in pitch. Any statement he made ended with a sharp staccato sound like tapping a cymbal with a drumstick. Little was known of Clicker's origins, other than that he hailed from a colony of so-called "Borg tribbles" – tribbles who evolved in the 24th century from an infusion of modified Borg nanoprobes. This colony once occupied an unnamed planetoid but later relocated to the Massachusetts region on Earth. (Star Trek: Arcadia)

Physical details[]

On one "end" of Clicker's furry body was a pair of "optic orbs" which served as eyes, attached to long, black, prehensile cords connected to his main body within the fur. These optic sensors could emit light in dark areas, allowing him to see. On the same side was a fleshy black orifice which opened to unfold six apricot-hued "fingers" of a sort, arranged in a spider-leg pattern. Bony knobs, or "knuckles", inserted into these appendages from within Clicker's body by reflexive action. Once jointed, these fingers could hold and manipulate an array of small objects, from tricorders to phasers. They also permitted Clicker to wield an instrument called a "sci-orb", a spherical device comparable to a tricorder, encased in a metallic gray, synthetic material, sporting bulb-covering lenses arranged in complex spiral patterns which blinked sporadically while functioning. Clicker stored this device within his own body, to be used for scans and special computations, ejecting and retracting it through the orifice described above, as needed.

Clicker devoted himself to the pursuit of scientific knowledge. He held a professorship in Xenobiology (the study of alien lifeforms) and dabbled in other areas of scientific interest. Assigned to the UFS Arcadia sometime before 2379, he served as the ship's chief science officer on more than one occasion and continued serving on board until as late as 2386. He was quite popular among the crew, many of whom thought he was "cute". (Star Trek: Arcadia)


  • In a previous Star Trek: Arcadia continuity (2378-2380), Clicker had intimate sexual encounters with Eve Ordalani.
  • The "cute" factor was also shared from the real-life perspective of several Star Trek: Arcadia contributors.

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